Sarah Boland

Sarah is a serial tech entrepreneur leveraging ADHD as her superpower to build multiple mobile apps and services including Breda the first AI parenting chat support, Famtography a 52 week bite size photography course for dads to help them capture candid photos of mom and the kids, and the top-rated video app Life Lapse. As a twin mom to toddlers, she is passionate about using tech to solve problems she encounters as a mother. She has been featured by Apple and spoken at Apple events across Canada for her apps and tech journey as a non-tech tech-founder. Learn more at www.bredaapp.com @breda.app on Instagram www.famtography.com @famtography on Instagram or TikTok and www.lifelapseapp.com or @lifelapse_app on Instagram.


Unpopular opinion: I use AI to help me parent 

The uncertainty of how artificial intelligence might impact our future has made…