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Sylvia Kang

Sylvia Kang is the co-founder and CEO of Mira ( Sylvia holds an MBA from Cornell University, and a MS in Biomedical Engineering from Columbia. Before she started Mira, she was in business director roles in a Fortune 500 life science company, running a $100M global business. As many women in their 20s, Sylvia prioritized advanced education and career opportunities over family planning. When one close friend of hers started to try for a baby, she had no success after six months of trying. Doctors couldn't find any problems with her or her husband, and Sylvia witnessed her going through a very stressful, guessing and disappointing journey. The existing fertility products didn't help because they couldn’t pinpoint what went wrong or give enough insights to be her guide. She eventually got pregnant through IUI, which was time-consuming and expensive. This is a general and trending issue faced by more and more women today. Shortly, Sylvia left her corporate job and used her biomedical degree to create Mira on a mission to give women the accuracy of lab testing at home. Sylvia is also a Concert Pianist. She has won multiple international piano competitions in France, China, and Hong Kong.

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