Talida Van Boxstael

Talida believes our entire experience of motherhood will change when we become intentional about how we spend the first hours of our day. She is fiercely supporting mothers through her website www.MagicalMom.com. She has lived in 5 countries for the past 7 years with her husband and three small children.

Child Milestones

You don’t have to ‘fix’ a crying child

He might need to unload whatever big feelings he doesn’t understand or is unable to have words for.


How to find the joy, mama

Spend some time, every single day, gifting yourself quality time. Not at the expense of your children or family, but to recharge + value your wellbeing. 


Change is hard, mama—here are 5 ways to make it easier

The one constant in our lives is change.


Don’t brush off the compliments, mama. You deserve them

Struggling to hear and accept positive feedback? Time to banish the negative thoughts that get in the way.


Cultivating gratitude is the key to happier kids (and adults, too)

When we see the good things in our lives and just acknowledge them for what they are, we can fully feel happiness and joy more frequently.


How to stop a toddler tantrum? You don’t.

But there are a few ways to help them ride it out + cope next time.


A letter to my younger self on the day my daughter was born

Today is the day your daughter will be born. And also the day when you are born a new woman.


When parenting asks for more than you think you can give…

When all you want is to go to sleep—not rock another to sleep—take heart.


The 5 most unexpected, beautiful lessons from my 5 years of motherhood

The lessons from parenting aren’t always easy, but they will change the ways we engage with the world.


You will not have the children you wanted to have

You will not get the baby you think you deserve. Or the baby you think deserves you. You will just get the perfect baby.