After months of milk (and milk and more milk), the chance to start baby on solid foods is an exciting change for parents—and making easy baby food recipes at home can also be quite fun!

With a whole new world of food options out there, the trick is just knowing where to start—but we’ve got you covered! Just grab your food processor or blender, a few ice cube trays for freezing and your babies favorite fruits and veggies to whip up these easy, delicious and nutritious baby food recipes. (Bonus: These 10 recipes will save you money over most store-bought baby food products! ?)

1. Homemade oatmeal cereal

Oatmeal cereal is a classic first food for many babies—and it’s surprisingly easy to DIY. Here’s a fun recipe for homemade oatmeal cereal.

2. Cherry, squash and almond milk yogurt

This fruit-and-veggie packed option is great for babies aged 10 to 12 months.

3. Apple, spinach and pea puree

The sweetness of apples and even peas helps balance out this well-rounded baby recipe! (And the green face your little one is bound to end up with makes for some priceless photos! ?)

4. Kiwi and banana puree

Introduce your babe to the flavors of summer with this sweet puree!

5. Sweet potato waffles

Once your babe has graduated to chewing, the baby-approved flavor of sweet potatoes makes this is perfect meal option!

6. The full meal puree

With spinach, zucchini, apples and chicken, this is a deluxe baby meal in a convenient puree!

7. Pumpkin and prune yogurt

Introduce your little eater to the flavors of fall with this simply sweet pumpkin, prune and yogurt baby recipe.

8. Cheesy broccoli frittata fingers

For biting babies, these cheesy broccoli frittata fingers make for great delicious + veggie-packed meals.

9. Baby lasagna

For little ones eight months or older, these little lasagna bites make for great finger food.

10. Avocado and banana popsicles

Super delicious, packed with vitamins—and fun!

Bon appetite, baby!