*We’ve partnered with phil&teds to help you get your stroller over the curb.

Motherhood is a series of little victories, and one of those victories is getting your stroller over a curb. We know, it sounds simple enough. But when your stroller is fully loaded with a baby — and all the gear that comes with that baby — that 6-inch elevation can be pretty daunting. Until you learn the art of the stroller pop.

To help you avoid the pitfalls of that dreaded curb, we’ve partnered with phil&teds, whose mod stroller is easy to push and has a low center of gravity, making it perfect for poppin’ curbs all day long. Here are 5 tips that will help you ace your stroller pop.

1. Front wheels first.

We know it can be tempting to back down off a curb or even lift your stroller out-right, especially if you’re nervous about the incline or decline. But when baby is securely buckled (and they should always be securely buckled!), we promise, they won’t even notice the tilt. Plus, phil&teds’ mod stroller has 4 wheels, so it always feels balanced, even mid curb-pop.

2. Put your phone away!

We’ve witnessed many a trip and fall due to texting while walking (and may or may not have even done this ourselves). But there’s no room for error when you’ve got your precious cargo in front of you, so refrain from looking at your phone till you’re safely over the curb.

3. Keep it moving.

There’s no time to stop and hesitate before a curb pop, especially if you’re at a busy intersection filled with cars and people. If you’re nervous about a pile-up, practice curb-popping outside your house (sans baby) before your first big walk.

4. Know when to fold em.

A curb pop is one thing, but a full set of stairs is another thing completely. When you’re faced with a challenge bigger than a single curb, it’s probably time to take baby out of the stroller and fold it up for the carry. phil&teds’ mod has an easy foot-activated, ultra-compact freestanding fold — with the seat attached — so you can overcome your obstacle, then get right back to strolling.


5. Ask for help.

When all else fails, feel free to ask a bystander to pitch in. phil&teds’ mod is super-light, compact and easy to lift. Everyone’s probably already checking out your adorable baby (and stroller) and will be happy to offer a hand if you haven’t yet mastered the art of the stroller pop.

Original illustration by Olivia Dipaolo.


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