If you’re facing a school closure due to COVID-19, the odds are your child will be getting more screen time than usual. This is especially true if you’re trying to work remotely with your child at home.

The good news is, there are so many excellent educational apps out there for kids of all ages. So many, in fact, that it can be a little overwhelming. Whether your kids’ school is closed or you’re just looking for ways to make their screen time more valuable, look for apps that entertain kids while still encouraging learning.

We’ve found 28 of the very best educational apps for kids that teach language, math, science and even coding.

Educational apps for toddlers

Even if you don’t usually allow screen time for your toddler, if their school or daycare is closed and you are working from home, you may temporarily change the rules.

If you do use screen time for your toddler, here are some quality choices:

1. ABC Animal Toddler Adventures: Designed for toddlers, this app uses fun animal-themed activities to practice letters, numbers, shapes and other basics.

2. Wheels on the Bus (Android Version): Toddlers can enjoy a favorite song and also learn about the sounds of different musical instruments.

3. Petting Zoo (Android Version): This storybook app entertains with its fun and quirky illustrations, without being overstimulating.

4. PBS Kids (Android Version): Stream your kids’ favorite PBS shows for free!

5. Peekaboo Barn (Similar for Android): If your child loves lift-the-flap books, this is a good one to try. Toddlers can tap doors to see which animal is hiding behind.

6. Endless Alphabet (Android Version): Super cute illustrations and puzzle games engage tots while they practice letters and vocabulary.

7. Baby’s Musical Hands (Android Version): Little ones can use their hands to make music.

If you’re looking for more ideas on the best options for toddler screen time, check out these toddler TV shows to inspire learning, friendship and kindness.

Educational apps for preschoolers

8. Homer Reading: Learn to Read (Android Version): You can customize this app to provide stories and activities tailored to your child’s interests to make learning to read fun.

9. Green Eggs and Ham (Android Version): An interactive version of the classic book!

10. Crazy Gears: This digital puzzle game is great for teaching problem solving, critical thinking and early physics concepts.

11. Star Walk Kids (Android Version): Kids learn about astronomy with animation and audio explanations.

12. K-5 Science for Kids – Tappity: The beauty of this app is that it covers so many areas of science—your child can learn about whatever sparks their interest, whether that’s dinosaurs, machines or the human body. The app is available at different levels for kids ages 4 to 10.

13. ZooMoo (Android Version): If your child loves animals, this is a great choice: Kids can explore different habitats and learn about more than 150 animals.

14. MarcoPolo Ocean (Android Version): Kids can play with and explore different aspects of the ocean such as coral reefs, marine mammals and boats.

15. Thinkrolls (Android Version): Parents can customize the challenge level so that this fun physics- and logic-based game is just right for your child.

16. Khan Academy Kids (Android Version): With high-quality math, language and social-emotional content for kids through first grade, this free app is designed to help young kids truly love learning.

17. TinyTap Kids Learning Games (Android Version): This app features games designed by teachers for all different subjects.

Educational apps for elementary school kids

18. Audubon Bird Guide (Android Version): This one is not specifically designed for kids, but is perfect for your budding birder. It allows you to identify and track birds in the wild and listen to bird songs.

19. Solar Walk (Android version): Your child can experience what it would be like to fly through space with this visually stunning app that presents a 3D model of our solar system. Give them a mission with certain questions to answer or just let them explore and follow their own curiosity.

20. The Human Body (Android Version): Kids learn all about the human body and can even feed an interactive avatar in different ways to see what happens.

21. BookCreator (Similar for Android): Kids can create (and then print) their own books—a perfect project for budding authors.

22. FarFaria (Android Version): Kids can practice reading or be read aloud to with this fun literacy app.

23. epic! (Android Version): This children’s library for kids 12 and under offers 35,000 books as well as educational videos.

22. Stack the States (Android Version): A great geography game for kids to learn about the United States.

23. Threes! (Android Version): Simple and aesthetically pleasing, this app offers super fun math puzzles to help develop mathematical thinking.

24. DragonBox Algebra (Android Version): Algebraic concepts are taught through games in this app that offers different levels for kids age 5 through high school.

25. Tinker: Explore coding with this award winning app that allows kids to program their own games, create music and animate characters.

26. LightBot – Code Hour (Android Version): Another coding app, this one uses game mechanics based on coding concepts.

27. DIY.org – Creative Challenges: This one inspires kids to get off the devices by providing inspiration and how-tos for all sorts of projects from art to engineering.

28. LOOPIMAL: Kids arrange tiles to create songs, which animated animals dance to.