Are your kids obsessed with creepy crawlies and love learning more about bugs and insects? When kids find something they’re super interested in, you can encourage their new obsession with coloring pages! And if your little one is into spiders, we’ve got your back! Take a look at these spider coloring pages that (hopefully) won’t cause arachnophobia in your home.

Here are 14 spider coloring pages for your kids to enjoy.

1. Easy spider in a web coloring page

This little spider picture will be perfect for your younger kids. It is very basic with very clear lines and big spaces for your kids to color in–and the spider is just too cute!

2. Spider in shoes coloring page

A spider with shoes on might be just silly enough to keep your kid entertained long enough for you to get something done on your to-do list! This picture has very clear lines and will be easy for your younger kids to color!

Cute Spider Coloring Page

3. Four-eyed spider in a web coloring page

If your younger kids love creepy crawlies, this picture is for you! This picture is still pretty easy but if your kids are scared of spiders, this one might be just a little too realistic for them.

4. Minecraft spider coloring page

If your kids love Minecraft, this picture is perfect for them! This Minecraft spider is perfect for spider lovers and Minecraft lovers alike!

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5. Big hairy spider coloring page

Get ready for a scary one! This detailed picture of a big hairy tarantula will be good for your older kids who are particularly into spiders. It’s a very realistic and detailed picture, so it may not be best for younger kids.

6. Family of spiders coloring page

Your kids will love assigning cute names to all the spiders in this family! This is a really cute picture of a family of spiders, all hanging out in their web. This one should be really easy for younger ages!

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7. Detailed spider coloring page

If your kids are actually interested in spiders and other insects, this picture is perfect for them. This is a detailed and realistic picture of a tarantula for your advanced artists!

Coloring Pages of Spider

8. Silly spider in a hat coloring page

Kids love spiders, but you don’t want to give them nightmares? Give your kids this easy, silly coloring page of a funny spider with a hat on!

9. Charlotte’s Web coloring page

A lot of kids are introduced to the idea of spiders being nice, from “Charlotte’s Web!” Here is a coloring page of Wilbur and Charlotte having fun together for your kids!

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10. Holding a spider coloring page

If your kids have big dreams of holding a tarantula, give them this coloring page! This one is pretty easy so you can give it to your younger kids, if they aren’t scared of spiders.

11. Baby spiders coloring page

Your kids will love these cute baby spiders! These spiders are super friendly, so your younger kids won’t be scared of then, and it will be fun for them to draw!

Screen Shot 2022 11 18 at 2.45.24 PM

12. Long-legged spider coloring page

Your spider-loving kids will love this long-legged spider! This picture isn’t that detailed, so theoretically you could give it to your younger ones as long as they don’t get scared.

13. Scary spider coloring page

Just in case you have a kid who is really into creepy crawlies, here is a scary spider that will satisfy them. It is also very detailed and realistic, so leave it for your more advanced artists in the family!

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14. Crazy spider coloring page

We thought we’d end this list with a nutty little spider to hopefully combat the nightmares you might be having after looking at some of those scarier spiders. This one will be perfect for your younger kids since it is very basic.

Now you have all the coloring pages to start having an awesome coloring extravaganza with your family! Go get some crayons and markers and get coloring!