It's pretty much the definition of bittersweet. When your child leaves preschool behind and heads off to kindergarten it's natural for a mama to be have some mixed emotions. That's exactly what happened to Kristen Bell recently as she watched her oldest daughter, 5-year-old Lincoln, take on one big milestone and prepare to conquer another. According to E! News, Bell took to Instagram Stories to share her tears with fellow parents, while watching Lincoln and her classmates do their final musical performance as preschool students. "Don't worry guys I'm having a GREAT time at preschool graduation. I'm not a mess or anything," she captioned her video.
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The tears prove that emotions can catch us off guard when it comes to our children's big milestones. Recently, Bell told E! News she felt great about Lincoln's transition to Kindergarten. "I mean, it has nothing to do with me, I'm just sort of here for her, and I've shown her the school," she said. But graduations, first days and other milestones can catch a parent off guard. Suddenly, you realize your little one is growing up, and it has everything to do with you. It's amazing, it makes you proud, and it's okay to cry. You're not a mess, Kristen, you're a mama.

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