Memorial Day weekend is here and you’re probably ready to dig into your list of summer reads...a list that absolutely must include these new mama picks from our pal Kate Kirby over at Mini Magazine. As the editor of what she calls “Vogue for the juicebox crowd,” Kirby’s got her hand on the pulse of what’s hot in the kids’ world -- and that requires a whole lot of reading. From blogs to books, here are Kirby’s top 8 books, blogs and magazines you should add to your list. 1. Mama Glow— The lovely Latham Thomas wrote this amazing book on wellness for mamas-to-be. I adore it; it's a font of inspiration, motivation and knowledge for all things pregnancy and new mama-dom. It's on my nightstand and I'm not even pregnant! 2. Small Fry Blog— There are so many great ideas on this blog for new moms. Great DIY projects, adorable photos, new products. I'm a big Small Fry fan. 3. Sweet Little Peanut— A blog for parents with sweet photography and unique ideas. 4. A Cup of Jo— A great resource for city parents. I love how Joanna mixes a little bit of everything in with her motherhood tidbits. There's something for everyone. 5. Our Happiness Tour— This has been one of my favorite blogs for so long, how could I not include? Lindsey is such a chic mama and her blog mixes in style for moms and kids alike! 6. Weelicious— This is a great book for new parents struggling with lunch ideas, snacks and treats for the little ones. The photos are fantastic and the recipes are even sweeter! 7. Bringing Up Bébé— This book offers great parenting insight into the lives of French parents. It's one American mom's tale of living in Paris and raising kids, what she's learned and how French parenting has that certain je-ne-sais-quoi. Also on my nightstand, along with the sequel, Bebe by Day. 8. Mini Magazine— Of course! Mini is the ultimate resource for new parents, parents-to-be, and really, the whole bunch! We publish the magazines quarterly (you can find them on our website!) and also update our blog weekly with new content. Homepage image source.