If you’ve ever gone to bed already thinking about your morning cup of coffee, you might be a parent. After all, it’s the elixir that gets us through the day. A few minutes of quiet. A drink we don’t have to share with someone who always seems to backwash goldfish crackers whether they’re recently eaten them or not. (Seriously, how?!)

I’ve always loved coffee, but the sleep deprivation of parenthood made it a non-negotiable. Your morning cup becomes the push you need to start your day. In fact, in our opinion, one of the best gifts to add to your baby registry is a coffee maker with a timer. That way at least you can wake up to a crying baby and a house that smells like freshly brewed coffee. (Add in an Ember Mug while you’re at it. Trust.)

We know we’re not alone in this love for coffee because there’s even an International Coffee Day, celebrated this year on October 1st. (Not to be confused with National Coffee Day on September 29th. Obviously, we need to celebrate both.)

And while you may want to celebrate by heading to your favorite coffee shop, we know it’s possible to get something just as amazing right at home–with awesome products that make coffee drinking go from mundane to a ritual in your day. Self-care can be anything you love, mama, so enjoy your cup of joe!

Here are our favorite coffee products for all the java-loving mamas out there:

Hamilton Beach 2-Way 12 Cup Programmable Drip Coffee Maker & Single Serve Machine

Hamilton Beach

2-Way 12 Cup Programmable Drip Coffee Maker & Single Serve Machine


Who doesn’t love options? This highly-rated design from Hamilton Beach can get you started with a pot a in the morning and deliver just a single cup during the afternoon slump. It’s simple and easy-to-use with a programmable feature and auto-shut off after two hours.

Keurig K-Select Single-Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker


K-Select Single-Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker


​If “fuss-free” is your number one concern, Keuring’s 4.6 star rated model gets fresh brewed coffee in your hands in less than one minute. It accommodates four different cup sizes (6, 8, 10, or up to 12 oz.) and features a strong brew option when you need a little extra. Of course for those non-coffee moments, there’s also teas and hot chocolates to choose from.

Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder


Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Not a must by any means, but if you’re serious about your coffee ritual, you know that grinding your own beans is the key to the ultimate cup of coffee. Not surprisingly, they can be super pricey. (Like used car prices pricey.) While this one is still an investment, it’s on the lower end of the spectrum and comes super highly recommended by baristas and home coffee connoisseurs alike.

Airscape Stainless Steel Coffee Canister & Scoop

Planetary Design

Airscape Stainless Steel Coffee Canister & Scoop


And no matter how fast you go through it, keeping beans and grounds fresh makes a big difference. This sleek stainless steel canister from Montana-based Planetary Design features a patented dual lid system that presses the air out and locks freshness in. It also looks great on your countertop!

Bonsenkitchen Milk Frother


Handheld Milk Frother


If you drink your coffee with milk, this bestselling hand milk foamer will take your coffee game to the next level in no time. For about the same price as a latte out, it turns your regular cup into something extra special. (And it’s highly reviewed on Amazon, like, 35K+ 5-star reviews good.) It can also be used to make the perfect hot chocolate for your kids in the winter!

Nespresso Aeroccino3 Milk Frother


Aeroccino3 Milk Frother


Of course if you really want to up your coffee game, this would be the way to do it. The raved about Aeroccino3 Milk Frother from Nespresso makes hot milk for creamy lattes, hot milk foam for a slam dunk cappuccino and even cold froth for your summer cold brew. Best of all, it does it in less than a minute with the press of a button. We’re not going to promise it will help you break your going out habit, but it certainly won’t hurt.

Fellow Carter Move Mug


Carter Move Mug


To keep your coffee hot while on the go (or you know, chasing after your kids inside the house) the Fellow Carter Move Mug is key. The unique design features a snap-in splash guard to keep it from making mess while the inside ceramic coating keeps it hot without that dreaded metallic taste of stainless steel or plastic. And because the scent can come through, you get that full “best part of waking up” aroma as you sip.

Ember mug


Temperature Control Smart Mug 2


So, on average how many times do you reheat that same cup of coffee every morning? Once because someone pooped their pants the second you poured it. Twice because you were then interrupted by a scavenger hunt for someone’s left rain boot. Three times because you completely forgot about it in the microwave after the boot was found, right? WELL. TIMES HAVE CHANGED, MAMA. Enter the Ember mug . Packed with an app-enabled heating element, the Ember mug keeps hot beverages at exactly the temperature you tell it to long enough for you to drink it. Honestly, I never expected to love it so much—but after being gifted one for my birthday, I swear, my morning coffee has never been so enjoyable.

Takeya Cold Brew Coffee Maker


Cold Brew Coffee Maker


Speaking of cold drinks, if you are more into cold brew instead, this coffee maker has a super fine mesh that will keep grounds out of your freshly brewed coffee. You can also brew coffee ahead of time and leave it inside the fridge for next morning when you’ll be needing some. (Read more about why we love it here !)

Daysie Certified Organic Syrup


Certified Organic Syrup


If you prefer it black, more power to you. But if you’re like us and adulterate your cup until it’s on the verge of becoming dessert, flavored syrups are a must. This trio from women-owned Daysie are all made with organic cane sugar and wildflower honey and other all natural ingredients–which is more than we can say for anything you’ll get at Starbucks. And honestly? They taste even better.

Cuisinart CPO-800P1 PurePrecision 8 Cup Pour-Over Coffee Brewer


CPO-800P1 PurePrecision 8 Cup Pour-Over Coffee Brewer


For many coffee lovers, pour-over coffee is the preferred method, but when you’re a busy mama, you need something that is just a little bit easier and a lot more automatic. Which is why we love this electric version from Cuisinart. It keeps your coffee at your ideal  temperature (no more cold coffee, mama!) and you don’t have to fuss with any paper filters since it comes with its own permanent built-in filter.

Fellow Stagg [XF] Pour-Over Coffee Maker Set

Fellow Stagg

Pour-Over Coffee Maker Set


However, if you’ve got the time and dedication to the craft, we have to recommend the gorgeous pour over set up from the pros at Fellow. Their carafe-style design makes it super simple to brew a consistently amazing cup of coffee and if you make more than you need, the silicone cap stores it for later. Add in one of their stunning electric kettles and you’ve got the ultimate coffee set up.

Bean Box Coffee

Bean Box

Bean Box Coffee Subscription


If you’ve ever experienced the crushing disappointment of realizing you’re out of coffee, we’ve got the solution. Sign up for a subscription delivery of the finest, most delicious brews from Bean Box. Their super curated (and ever-changing) selection includes artfully crafted artisan blends from award-winning roasters and they’re all totally delicious. Prices start at $17.50

This article was originally published in September 2020. It has been updated.