I will forever be singing the praises of the Ember mug for solving a simple problem parents everywhere have wrestled with for far too long: how to keep your coffee hot. 

I’m an editor, not an engineer, but I can’t believe it’s taken the human race this long to figure this out. But Ember did—and did it well. And not to be dramatic or anything, but I honestly don’t know how I lived without this self-heating mug before. As a mom of two young kids who attend two different schools, my mornings are often rushed—which meant I was reduced to drinking cold coffee after finally getting my kids dressed, fed and out the door. I deserve better. We all do. Here's my Ember mug review so you can get (and stay) on the hot-coffee train.

What is the Ember mug?

The Ember mug is a smart, Bluetooth-controlled mug that heats your coffee/tea/matcha to a precisely defined temperature, and then keeps it at that temperature for a full 80 minutes (or longer if you set it back on the charging coaster). And while I’m usually onto my second cup by that point, it’s nice to have the option. You can control the temperature via an app, allowing you to set a different temperature for different drinks, should you so desire (I usually do not, though I now know I like all my hot beverages at 136º). 


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Why I love the Ember mug

Before you ask, yes, this is so much more effective than a plug-in mug warmer or even popping your mug back in the microwave, which often left my coffee (and my mug) too hot to handle. The Ember mug stays pleasantly warm while the drink itself stays piping hot. But the best part? It not only heats your beverage up to your predetermined perfect temperature, but it can cool it down, too, meaning no burning your mouth on too-hot coffee or deserting your cup on the counter as you wait what feels like an eternity for it to cool.

Is this the only mug I use now? Yes, yes it is. I have an entire cabinet full of mugs gathering dust that I guess I’ll just... keep around for company? In my view, there are two downsides to the Ember: 1, it’s definitely pricey, and 2, it’s hand-wash only, which, yes, does take a minute. OK, you also have to hand-dry it before placing it back on the charger.

But I weigh these factors against my newfound love for ideal-temp coffee. Can you really put a price on that? (Apparently you can, and it’s on sale for Amazon Prime Day for $119.95.) I use the Ember mug every day, multiple times a day, and I can’t—nay, won’t—go back. 

A version of this story was originally published on December 6, 2021. It has been updated.

Ember Mug 2 in White on Charging Coaster



Ember Mug 2