There’s something extra special about the first holiday season as a new parent. And of course we want to get the new parents in our lives an extra special gift—something that says “I love the baby, but you matter, too.” Baby’s first holiday is so exciting, but it is important to remember that it’s easy for new parents to feel overwhelmed and overlooked.

So what make the best gifts for new parents? Consider products (or services!) that honor the challenges of new parenthood and help make this new life just a little easier. After all, the meal trains may have ended, but that doesn’t mean they still don’t need a little extra support and pampering.

We know the right gift can be hard to find. To make it easier, our team has curated a list of the products that new parents are sure to appreciate. And if you throw in some babysitting, there’s a good chance you’ll be their favorite gift-giver of the season.

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Shop the best gifts for new moms and dads below!

The best gifts for new parents

Bodily The Everything Cover


The Everything Cover


An accessory that multitasks just as hard as she does, the super soft Everything Cover from Bodily makes a thoughtful gift for any breastfeeding mama. It’s a nursing cover. A stroller blanket. A chic extra layer that feels pulled together even if she can’t recall the last time she washed her hair. The possibilities are endless!

shoott family photo shoot


Family Photo Shoot


What better gift for new parents than gifting them their first family photo shoot? This female-run company matches families with photographers in their area and allows you to only pay for the ones you love at $15 each or less.

Vinebox Box of the Month


Box of the Month


Wine is always a great gift for parents–new baby or not. But a big ‘ol bottle can sometimes be a bit much if you’re falling asleep on the couch at 7pm, up at 3am and have no time for a wine headache the next day. Instead, opt for the brilliant single serve tastings from Vine Box. Each month they release a limited edition collection of six sommelier curated wines along with sommelier-led virtual tasting videos, tasting notes and pairing guide. They’re clean and crisp and could the packaging be any more stylish? Not a chance.

Ghia Apertif


Non-Alcoholic Apértif


Fancy cocktails—hold the alcohol! For parents who love the taste of bitey drinks like negronis and manhattans but would rather not deal with the hangover, Ghia delivers a delicious alternative. The art-deco-esque packaging and incredible recipe guidance makes it a gorgeous gift that deserves a spot on every bar cart. (And if you peel off the label, it makes a gorgeous bedside water carafe–there’s a hidden eye in the glass too!)

Theragun Mini




Welcome to parenthood! Everything hurts! Whether it’s the marathon nursing sessions or lifting a twenty pound carseat day in and day out, new parents are putting in some work. Help them soothe those sore muscles with the small but mighty Theragun Mini. It works wonders on aches and pains and even pairs with their app to help guide recovery sessions.

Baby quip


Baby Gear Rental

If the new parents on your list are already stressing about lugging a metric ton of baby gear on their first trip as a family, we’ve got the ultimate gift idea. A gift certificate to BabyQuip! With BabyQuip, strollers, car seats, even cribs and toys can be delivered directly to their destination. (They’ll even meet them at the airport!) Not only do their pros deliver it–they set up everything, and pick it up when vacation’s over—all at your convenience. All rental gear is clean, safe and insured so they can rest easy and just enjoy their vacay!

Mamalux Leakproof Lounge Dress Motherly


Leakproof Lounge Dress


Perfect for those early days of nurse, sleep, diaper change repeat, the Leakproof Lounge Dress from Mamalux is new mom fashion at its finest. (And most functional.) It’s stretchy, comfortable and designed so she doesn’t have to fumble with a complicated nursing bra–just slip the tri-layered machine-washable pads inside and leaks are no problem at all. And the flattering fit and convenient pockets are just the icing on the cake!

baby book

Artifact Uprising

The Story of You


Artifact Uprising creates some of the most gorgeous museum-quality mementos that instantly become family treasures. They’re a go-to for photo prints, vacation albums and yes, a best-selling baby book. The binder-style book comes with a pen, adhesive for photos and treasures and a free set of Everyday Prints to get rolling. The thick pages provide thoughtful prompts and space for milestones and if you have more to add (or you know, change a name or something down the line 😉 ) you can purchase additional pages to slide right in.

Colugo The Baby Carrier


The Baby Carrier


Every new parent needs a quality baby carrier and we love how the Colugo allows for multiple carrying positions, including the forward facing (but ergonomic) option that so many dads dig. It also features a super convenient removable fanny pack that’s large enough for diapers and wipes–great for keeping your load light or when you need to divide and conquer. The breathable design is also suitable for a variety of seasons and climates and easy to swap back and forth between parents.

Knix Mixed Period Kit


Mixed Period Kit


This set of Knix’ most popular period-proof panties makes a great gift for a new mom. It includes two pair of super leak proof boy shorts, two pair of leak proof boy shorts and one pair of their lifesaving Dream Shorts to make her postpartum healing a little less stressful.

veer cruiser wagon


Veer Cruiser


There’s nowhere you can’t go with this stroller wagon hybrid that combines the ease and maneuverability of a stroller with the classic fun of a wagon. We tested this one on myriad surfaces and especially love the smooth ride (thanks to those big ol’ wheels) and the cup holders. What’s more, they’ve got an entire eco-system of awesome add-ons to make it the ultimate here-to-there contraption. From travel system adapters for the tiniest riders to cold weather kits to keep little ones warm, it’s a splurge that pays for itself in no time.

takeya cold brew coffee maker


Cold Brew Coffee Maker


Exhausted, cold brew loving mamas rejoice! This impressive, top-rated coffee maker will keep her fridge stocked with amazing iced coffee with practically zero effort.

instant pot

Instant Pot



When the Meal Train runs out, she’s still going to need some help. Instant Pot to the rescue! The 7-in-1 pressure cooker, sterilizer, slow cooker, yogurt maker, saute pan, rice cooker, and warmer delivers more kitchen help than Door Dash (well, almost.) This particular model is one of the best-selling on Amazon with 4.7 stars and almost 163K reviews, so you don’t have to take my word for it. (And she can even use it to make baby food in a few months!)

Dyson Airwrap


Airwrap Multi-Styler Complete Long


New baby or not, I can’t think of a hair tool more coveted than the Dyson Airwrap. Fans insist there are no substitutes and, not surprisingly it is often impossible to find in stock.  The reason? The multi-tasking device has everything you need to create salon-level hairstyles at home with no professional chops needed. (When you’re a new parent, that’s priceless!)

Whoever opens this on Christmas morning will truly start believing in Santa again—because this is definitely magic.


Cozy Earth

Bamboo Sheet Set


Sleep is a hot commodity when there’s a little one under the roof, so you’ve got to make every second in bed as comfy as possible. The best way? Level up your bed linen game to 5-star hotel-status. Also, when you gift your partner something bed-related, it’s truly a gift you give yourself. (Last I checked, double-dipping is not against the rules here.) I’ve tried a ton of sheets over the years but one set that I love universally is the bamboo sheet set from Cozy Earth. For one thing, they aren’t nearly as sweat-inducing other fabrics and they just seem to get better with every wash. They’re silky and soft and comfortable to sleep on in every season. Also, they’re free of chemicals so I’m not worried about any harmful materials or treatments to the fabric I’m falling face-first into at the end of every year-long day. (Bonus! They come with a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year guarantee. You’ve got nothing to lose!)



Smart Crib


You know what’s actually priceless? A good night’s sleep. For new parents, the innovative Cradlewise smart cradle provides just that. Launched just last year it’s already proven to be one of the most impressive pieces of baby gear on the market. At once a bassinet, crib and built-in video baby monitor, it knows when your baby is about to wake up and begins to bounce ever-so-gently to lull them back to sleep. (After all, isn’t that the exact movement you instinctively do to get them to sleep in your arms?) Paired with the Cradlewise app, you can check in on your little one from down the hall or across the country. You can also monitor their sleep and movement stats and play white, pink or brown noise to help them sleep more soundly.

Snag it for yourself or send an SOS gift request to the giver in your life with the deepest pockets. You can even schedule a virtual group demo with Cradlewise founder, Radhika to see it in action and get all your questions answered. Prices start at $1399


Promptly Postpartum Journal


Postpartum Journal


Lots of mamas want to document this season of life, but finding the time can be daunting! Instead of a book of blank pages, gift her this instead. Created with a group of certified therapists, the Promptly Postpartum Journal helps women navigate the transitions of adding another being into their families. With prompts, therapy tips and postpartum resources, this guided journal offers a lot to help mothers along the way.




Ember Mug2


So, on average how many times do you reheat that same cup of coffee every morning? Once because someone pooped their pants the second you poured it. Twice because you were then interrupted by a scavenger hunt for someone’s left rain boot. Three times because you completely forgot about it in the microwave after the boot was found, right? WELL. TIMES HAVE CHANGED, MAMA. Enter the Ember mug. Packed with an app-enabled heating element, the Ember mug keeps hot beverages at exactly the temperature you tell it to long enough for you to drink it. Go ahead, earn yourself best gift giver ever status.

Roborock S7


S7 Max Robot Vacuum and Mop


When you need to clean but would rather stare at your brand new baby (or, more likely they don’t want to be put down!)– that is where modern technology comes in. The award-winning Roborock S7 Max Robot Vacuum and Mop is easy to use—press the on button and it shuffles around the house cleaning for you. (The ultrasonic tech senses the difference between carpet and hard floors so you don’t even have to get involved as it changes between the two!) Paired with the app you can set schedules, adjust suction, designate no-go zones and even set exact cleaning routes. It even works with Siri, Alexa and Google to be at your beck and call, controlled by your voice alone. (Even our partners aren’t that responsive. Robots win again!)


Esther Perel

Where Should We Begin–A Game of Stories


The best gift you can give new parents is quality time together. And even if out of the house date nights aren’t on the calendar yet, they can infuse a cozy night at home with excitement and fresh energy. Enter this fun and beautiful game designed by relationship and intimacy guru Esther Perel. Through prompt cards that set the mood and direction (ex. “Share something crazy”) and story cards that provide the first line of an answer (ex. “A phone number I need to delete…”) they’re guaranteed to learn something new and thrilling no matter how long they’ve been together. Get ready for instant memories and enhanced connection.

Someone Somewhere Lifeproof Pullover

Someone Somewhere

Lifeproof Pullover


Spit up? Spilled coffee? Diaper explosions? Like water off a duck’s back, my friend. (Well, maybe not the diaper business…) Anyway, the Lifeproof Pullover is no ordinary sweatshirt. The odor-proof, stain-proof, and water-proof essential stays fresh for days despite your best efforts. Go ahead. Put it to the test.

Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest

Zero-Prep Meals


The zero-prep meals and smoothies from Daily Harvest have “new parenthood” written all over them. Not only are they loaded with tons of colorful fruits and veggies that are incredibly delicious, they’re all ready to go in under 3 minutes. For breakfast, choose from things like blueberry and lemon oat bowls, loaded with plump berries or a vanilla bean and apple chia bowl that could almost pass for dessert. Lunch could be protein-packed chickpea and coconut curry that’s as tasty as any cafe offering, or even a pear and arugula flatbread. There’s also soups, lattes, and even sweet-tooth satisfying “bites” that are perfect for eating one-handed. (Because she’s definitely eating one handed 90% of the time.)

Propre The Starter Bundle


The Starter Bundle


Introducing Propre Baby: a game-changer in diaper care. Created by moms Isabelle Bertolami and Victoria Piluso, this French alternative to traditional wipes and creams embodies a ‘simpler, softer, safer’ approach. With organic cotton pads and a gentle French diaper cream, it’s eco-friendly and planet-conscious. Its clinically tested formula shields delicate baby skin, preventing irritation and maintaining pH levels. Simple to use—apply the cream to the pad, wipe, and protect. Propre Baby isn’t just about cleanliness; it nurtures, moisturizes, and safeguards against diaper rash, offering a sigh of relief for parents combating harsh chemicals and diaper irritations.

Bean Box Coffee of the Month Club

Bean Box

Coffee of the Month Club


New parenthood without coffee seems next to impossible. Keep their stash fresh and interesting with a subscription to some of the world’s greatest coffee. Each month they’ll receive a new roast from Seattle’s world-renowned roasters like Zoka, Seattle Coffee Works, Vita, and Fundamental complete with tasting notes and brewing tips to craft the most incredible cup right at home.

The Radiant Rhino Lavender Shower Steamers

The Radiant Rhino

Lavender Shower Steamers


Who has time for baths these days? Even still, indulging in a bit of self-care is a worthwhile endeavor. Enter the shower bomb. These delightful cubes from Radiant Rhino are packed with calming lavender and soothing menthol to transform a daily rinse into an aromatherapy-powered pamper session. (They’re incredible if someone’s feeling under the weather too! The menthol is more potent than any others we’ve ever tried. It’s heavenly.)

the dad hoodie

The Dad Hoodie

The Dad Hoodie


Not convinced on the diaper bag front? That’s fine. Try the Dad Hoodie instead. It’s like what MacGyver would wear if he had to hotwire a car with a paperclip while also carting a tot around. Interior mesh pockets provide a place for everything without adding bulk or necessitating a bag that slows him down. (Pssst! Turns out, moms can wear it too.)

manta sleep mask


Sleep Mask


The new parent sleep deprivation is real. One thing that’s definitely going to come in handy? A hyper-functional sleep mask called the Manta Sleep Mask. The super-soft and customizable construction provides 100% blackout powers without putting pressure on the eyes to optimize sleep no matter what time of day it is.


Lalabu Dad Shirt


Dad Shirt


Babywearing isn’t just for mamas. Spending time against dad’s chest is proven to increase bonding and benefit baby too! The innovative Lalabu Dad Shirt makes it easy to slip baby in and out without involving complicated straps or ties and provides papa and his little some quality time in those early weeks.

Kibou Vegan Leather Bag


Fanny Pack Diaper Bag


Upgrade her diaper bag with a chic fanny pack. Perfect for the mom who wants to travel light, the Kibou is small but mighty. According to one fan, hers is currently holding “three diapers, 20 wipes, changing pad, baby hat, one burp rag, extra baby sleeper, two masks, hand sanitizer, my keys, emergency underwear and crayons, 10 Band-Aids, credit card, chapstick, and my phone.” Full-size diaper bag—you get the boot.

A version of this story was published November 14, 2021. It has been updated.