I created the Daily Action Planner was designed with entrepreneurs in mind, but I’ve found that it’s the perfect tool to organize my family and home life too. It’s an extremely portable, affordable, command center for my crazy, gorgeous chaos!

The Daily Action Planner Story from Angela Jia Kim on Vimeo.

Here’s how I make it work best for my life:

1. Sit down on Sundays to schedule your week out ✍

My week starts on Sunday evening after the kids are in bed. I light a candle, have a glass of wine and open my Daily Action Planner. In the Weekly Pilot Plan, I plan out meals for the week, schedule my workouts, do a Brain Dump of everything on my mind, and set my top priorities for the week.

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2. Meal plan ?

After planning meals for the week, I use the Scribbles + Notes page across from the Weekly Pilot Plan to make my grocery list. I strategically plan meals based on what I have on hand, and then everything else I need I put on my shopping list. By planning it all out on Sunday, I can usually limit my grocery trips to just once a week.

3. Insert “me time” here ?

I plan my workouts for the week on Sunday evening, put them on my weekly schedule and commit to this as non-negotiable “me time.” Every night when I plan out the next day’s schedule, I recommit to that workout by carving out that “me time” amongst all my other appointments and to-dos. I used to be very good at making excuses to not workout—but not anymore.

4. Plan a little each night before bed?

I have to hit the ground running in the morning, so every night I carve out a little time to plan out the next day. I sleep better getting all my to-dos out of my head and into my Daily Action Planner. Waking up with a plan for the day makes me more productive, organized, and present.

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5. Take time to savor your successes ?

As a mom, my mind is always thinking about everything that needs to be done. I used to have a hard time slowing down and savoring what I’ve actually accomplished. Now, part of my daily ritual is making space for me and honoring my successes. It might be a date with my husband, a long walk or a hot bath—whatever it is, I slow down and remind myself that I’m pretty awesome and deserve to take care of my needs too!

6. Put things into perspective ?

When I feel overwhelmed by my work/life gorgeous chaos, I refer back to my Weekly Pilot Plan. Reminding myself about the week’s Top 3 Priorities puts my crazy life back into perspective. Even if these are the only things I check off my list that week, I’ve feel like I’ve accomplished something.

7. Check mark = celebrate ✔️

As I get things done, I always cross them off or put a checkmark in the box next to the item in my Daily Action Planner. Whenever I need a quick pick me up or feel like I’m spinning my wheels, I can flip through the pages to see all the to-dos I’ve tackled. Then, I pat myself on the back and find a way to celebrate everything I’ve done.

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8. Be proactive instead of reactive ?

The Weeds section in my Daily Action Planner helps me be proactive instead of reactive to the gorgeous chaos I call my life. I always try to tackle my unsavory tasks (Weeds) first: laundry, paying bills, scheduling doctor appointments, backing up my computer, grocery shopping—you get the picture. By getting all these necessary evils taken care of early in the day, I don’t have to overthink or stress over them all day long.

9. Plant the seeds and make them grow ?

As a busy working mom, the Seeds section in my Daily Action Planner usually revolves around planning ahead, making life easier down the line or creating new opportunities. Connecting and networking, setting up playdates, working in my garden, sending out thank you notes, crafting press pitches—not all my Seeds will sprout immediately, but planting the seeds today will ensure a bountiful garden in the future.

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10. Mark moments of gratitude ?

I love to record moments of gratitude. Every night I quickly reflect on my day, and there is always something I’m grateful for! Keeping these memories in the same book as my planner allows me to revisit those moments over and over, giving me something to smile about.

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