When your waistline is rapidly expanding and your go-to dress-up labels don’t make maternity options, the prospect of a cocktail party or black-tie event can feel less than celebratory while pregnant. Can you blame us if we’d rather hide under a blanket in our yoga pants?

Luckily, we have more choices than our pregnant predecessors for a night out on the town. “I understand how daunting it can feel when faced with special occasion dressing,” says Baukjen de Swaan Arons, co-founder and creative director of Isabella Oliver, a fashion favorite for the Hollywood set. The key, she says, is “to stay with the styles that you love when you’re not pregnant,” and find designs that “fit and flatter your new body shape.”

Here’s a few of Well Rounded’s picks for fancy frocks that might have your non-pregnant friends shopping for maternity!