The bliss of new motherhood is as exciting as can be. But, there can also be so many questions that you may have about this journey you’re on.

The beginning of your first pregnancy brings so much joy and so many unknowns. Don’t worry, mama, we’re here to answer all of your questions and maybe give you some answers to things you didn’t even know you would need! The easiest way to find what you’re looking for is to bookmark your favorite articles. Scroll below to find the top pregnancy stories you’ll need. Bookmark, and come back to them over and over again.

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13 top pregnancy stories to bookmark

1. Questions to ask at your first prenatal appointment

Here are 9 questions you’ll want to ask at your first prenatal appointment. Take a deep breath and grab a pencil (or jot them down on your notes app!) to take note. Read about important prenatal appointment questions here.

2. New mama’s guide to pregnancy symptoms

Not all pregnancy symptoms are the same. Here’s a list of some things you can potentially expect and, yes, it’s more than just the blur of morning sickness. The common, the not-so-common and rare symptoms for different types of pregnancies, through each trimester and coping mechanisms that can help. Read about pregnancy symptoms here.

3. Pregnant? Surprising facts about each trimester

So your body is growing a baby, congrats! Here are some surprising, wild and weird facts about what’s really going on in that beautiful belly of yours. Read about each trimester here.

4. When to announce

One of the most exciting parts of finding out you’re pregnant is sharing the news with loved ones. But, when should you announce it? Here are some things to consider when you’re deciding what works best for you. Read about when to announce your pregnancy here.

5. Pregnancy symptoms you might not know about

Amongst the well-known pregnancy symptoms everyone talks about, there are also quite a few that you may not have ever heard of. Here are 10 sneaky pregnancy symptoms to watch out for. Read about lesser-known pregnancy symptoms here.

6. When does morning sickness start

Here’s a a guide to understanding more about morning sickness. Find out when it starts, what’s considered “normal” and how to manage your nausea in order to keep up with your day-to-day. Read about when morning sickness here.

7. Best foods for pregnancy

A board-certified and licensed nutritionist’s guide to pregnancy nutrition, including the best foods to eat, healthy snack options, what to avoid and answers to the most frequently asked questions. Click here to learn about pregnancy foods.

8. Your complete guide to sex during pregnancy

We get it, everyone’s burning question is always: how do I have sex while I’m pregnant? Here’s a guide to sex during pregnancy plus, how to keep it safe, comfortable and enjoyable. Read about pregnancy sex here.

9. What is a doula

Everything you need to know about doulas, including what they do and whether one is right for you.
Click here to learn about doulas.

10. 5 best prenatal vitamins

Prenatal vitamins are not a one-size-fits-all product. Here’s what to look for, what to avoid and when you should start taking them. Click here to find your prenatal vitamin.

11. Pregnancy safe skincare

The hormones from your teenage years are back and with a vengeance (sometimes). Since your pre-pregnancy routine doesn’t account for your skin’s new needs or take into consideration what’s safe for your little one, here are pregnancy-safe products including, what to steer clear from. Click here for safe skincare options.

12. Maternity workout clothes

An easy and fashionable guide to choosing the best maternity workout clothes that keep you comfortable and support your beautiful growing belly. Click here for the best maternity workout clothes.

13. The best pregnancy pillows

A roundup of the best pregnancy pillows on the market. Choose yours based on your needs and let the fluffiness, or firmness, comfort you when you need it the most. Click here to find your pregnancy pillow.

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