There’s something magical about springtime. We’re not just talking about the feeling of warmer weather, we’re talking about that spark inside you that makes you want to clean and purge and organize then reorganize. ✴️

Mother Nature was unavailable for comment, so we turned to our #MomCrush, #DesignInspo, #Superwoman Joanna Gaines for her best spring cleaning tips and tricks.

1. Get backup so you can schedule your cleaning day accordingly.

Joanna recommends a free weekend day to go all out on the house. Maybe your in-laws can take the kids while you and your partner tackle cleaning together. We won’t go as far as calling it a date, but…it is spending time together, and that has to count for something!

2. Set the tone + play some music.

Light a candle, pull out all the cleaning supplies you’ll need, throw on a killer playlist and like Rihanna says, workworkworkworkworkwork.

3. Purge what no longer serves a purpose.

Anything that is broken, toss. Items you no longer use, toss. Things around the house you just don’t love, toss. Pre-baby pants that are just so not happening again? SEE YA LATER. Fill five garbage bags with donations. Start your spring cleaning day on a feel-good foot.

4. Deep clean the nooks and crannies.

Sure, we clean our house. (We promise we do.) But let’s be honest—we’re not always getting behind the fridge or reorganizing the pantry. Your spring clean is perfect for tackling those big projects. Go big or go home.

Check out Joanna’s super helpful checklist to keep you motivated and on task:

image 781 Motherly

5. Sit back and enjoy.

#TreatYoSelf to a glass of wine on your couch so you can sit back, relax and admire your sparkling paradise.

A version of this story was originally published on March 20, 2019. It has been updated.