It’s no secret that clutter can give you anxiety and there’s a reason for it—”order feels good, in part, because it’s easier for our brains to deal with and not have to work so hard,” says psychotherapist Cindy Glovinsky. Regardless of your reasons for having clutter, the new year is the perfect time to get rid of the “stuff” around your home, like that sweet, but not needed gift from your aunt or toys the kids have outgrown.

For the unaccustomed, Facebook Marketplace is a forum on Facebook that allows users to buy and sell items, from appliances and clothing to furniture and even cars in their area. The cool thing is that you don’t have to download an app or set up a new account, you can simply buy or sell to thousands of people in your community with the click of a button.

Here are top Facebook Marketplace tips from mamas and Deb Liu, creator of Facebook Marketplace:

Be realistic with prices

1. “When I’m pricing an item to sell on Marketplace, I look and see what the item is selling for new (usually on Amazon), and then I search Marketplace to see how many identical or similar items are listed. If there are a lot of the same item, and it’s something I want to get rid of right away, I’ll price it a little cheaper than the others. Otherwise, I’ll price similar to what is already available. I’ll also include a link to the item if they were to buy it new to showcase the price and also any specs they may have questions on.” — Laura Durenberger, Reduce, Reuse, Renew

2. My general rule of thumb for pricing items on Marketplace is to simply match garage sale pricing standards. Although I take great care of my children’s clothing, and launder them with the intent of long-term wear, I am personally not out to make a large profit when I resell my children’s items—my goal is to primarily help another parent attempting to keep up with the ever-lasting growth spurts while making a few extra dollars in the process. It takes a village!” — Kristin Gambaccini, Perfectly Distressed

3. “You can’t price items based on what you paid for them or your sentiments toward them. Just remember that you got to enjoy whatever it is, for however long. Don’t be bitter, let it go and if you don’t want to lose money, buy used next time.” — Jessica Nickerson, House Homemade

Consider bundling items:

4. “I’ve sold kids indoor and outdoor clothes, shoes, clothing accessories, books, toys and kid’s furniture. For most items, I sell as a single item. However, for similar clothes sizes, books, or similar toys, I’ll sell as a lot.” — Laura Durenberger

5. “From my experience, selling one Barbie alone isn’t a big draw, but selling 10 Barbies, for example, will sell quicker and make you more money.” — Sarah Lemp

6. “To get items picked up quickly, I bundle similar items, post pictures directly as I declutter, include some keywords and major cross streets, and note priority to first pick up. Also, on the contrary, after the holidays when people purge new holiday stuff, unwanted gifts, and are decluttering for a fresh start to the year, I tend to find the best items and the best deals on Marketplace!” — Kat Steck, The Junkyard Journals

Act fast, but have patience:

7. “For every great piece of furniture I have found for my home, I have lost 10 to others who were quicker to communicate with the seller than I was. If you find something you REALLY want, act fast. You may have to drop what you’re doing and change your plans, but if you ask me, it’s worth it!” — Dana Dore, Adored House

8. “Marketplace will show you items that relate to your previous searches so it’s easy to take just a minute or two each day and check-in. I’ve found some of our favorite items for my daughter, like our Ikea play kitchen, simply by keeping an eye on my search for a few minutes each day. Just because you can’t find what you’re looking for on Facebook Marketplace today doesn’t mean it won’t show up a few days later!” — Desirae Endres, The Minimal-ish Podcast

Sell baby items + toys kids outgrow quickly:

9. “When selling items on Marketplace, lots of kid’s toys never seem to lose their value including Legos, wooden train sets, American Girl Dolls and other name-brand items. Gently used items in great shape are obviously worth more. Other items like Little Tykes, jungle gyms and slides are always hot items, as are strollers, wagons and bundles of toys.” — Sarah Lemp, All Things with Purpose

10. “There are tons of baby items that are specific to such a small period of time in an infant’s life. These items sell really well on Marketplace because they are rarely used, yet people need them! Examples of these would be bassinets, bouncy seats, Bumbos, floor play mats, baby swings, etc.” — Sarah Lemp

11. “Marketplace is my go-to for buying and selling baby items because it’s free and hyper-local, so you don’t have to worry about shipping.” — Olivia White, House of White

More tips from Deb Liu, creator of Facebook Marketplace:

12. Make the listing appealing.

Write a good description of what the product is and include lots of details, descriptive words and don’t forget the dimensions.

13. Post clear + authentic photos.

Take multiple, clear photos in good lighting with plain backgrounds. Avoid filters and be sure to capture the item at multiple angles, so interested buyers can see what they’re getting. I even have a special staging area in my home where I take photos of all the items I’m selling.

14. List items separately.

Unless your items serve a similar purpose, sell them separately. Buyers aren’t likely to buy a couch and a basketball with the same purchase. Only bundle items together if they would normally sell in a group such as a group of clothing or similar toys.

15. View a person’s profile.

You can check out a person’s public profile to see other items they’re selling on Marketplace, as well as any friends you may have in common. To stay safe, I recommend going to a public location if you’re meeting up with someone from Marketplace to buy or sell something. If you can’t find a location like a coffee shop or shopping mall, reschedule your meet-up. You can also use a shipping option, or a pick-up or drop-off service, that works for you.

16. Use keywords.

Include multiple keywords in your description to help people discover your item. For example, if instead of listing just “table,” consider adding keywords and descriptions like “coffee table,” “made of oak,” to reach more people.