There are days when motherhood can be overwhelming.

When the kids won’t listen. When they argue constantly. When the crying and whining drowns out any laughter.

Days when I get home from work and there are dishes to do, dinner to make and laundry to fold.

When someone needs help with their homework, help in the bathtub and help looking for a toy.

Days when I am literally so tired I can’t even focus. When I can’t muster up the energy to pretend like I love the 10-minute story about the bird that flew across the playground or the ketchup that got spilled on the floor at lunch.

There are days where I cannot wait to get the kids ready and into bed. Sleeping. So that I can rest. And breathe.

There are days when I feel like I am just not enough for them. That they deserve more of my attention, more of my love, more of my time. That they deserve a better mom.

And then these moments happen. These moments where they look so adorable and perfect. That make me think, I must have done something right. Something great, to be blessed with these amazing little humans.

They love me on my worst days and on my best.

So to all the moms having a hard day, just remember: We are tougher on ourselves than they are on us. Peek in on your sleeping babes tonight, give them a kiss and give yourself a pat on the back. You survived another day, and you are blessed with an amazing gift—your child’s love.