What does it mean to be Motherly?

For a new generation of women – the most educated, digitally-savvy generation in history – the time has come to redefine what Motherly means.
Motherly is running an online business from home to have more flexibility for family life. Motherly is choosing to stay at home, giving up alone time, adult time, anything time, to gain years with your children. Motherly is continuing your education after an unplanned pregnancy. Join Motherly Motherly is taking care of yourself, eating well and exercising to feel your strongest and be active with your children. Motherly is awaking before the sun rises to start work early, in order to make time for a quiet, smartphone-free evening with your family.
Motherly is holding on to your core identity and being true to yourself as you evolve with motherhood.
Motherly is digging deep to live up to what's demanded of you – and what you demand of yourself.

Being Motherly means being a modern woman – and a mom.

Join Motherly You are Motherly. You – the mom Googling how to handle your 9-month-old's sleep regression, you – the mother posting hilarious anecdotes from the front lines of toddler life, you – the mama tweeting articles advocating for paid maternity leave. You, the working mom. You, the stay-at-home mom. You, the don't-label-me mom. We mamas are Motherly, together. And yet, despite our digital connectivity, so many modern mothers talk about feeling isolated and overrun by debates over what it means to “have it all." Beyond the fight over women and work and life, is a new generation of women – our generation – that doesn't want to argue, but simply wants support, insight, even (especially!) humor, to help us live the lives we've imagined. This digital community, Motherly, meets moms in the midst of these transitions, sharing the latest news, expert insights, innovative products and helpful services. It's the place where you can read the latest research on pregnancy, and find inspiration to get you through the many sleepless nights to soon follow. Whether you read us on your iPhone while hiding from your kids in the bathroom (hey, we've been there), on your tablet while commuting into work, or on your laptop during baby's naptime, Motherly is where you are. We'll grow and evolve with you and your family. After all, we're all in this together.

That's Motherly.

We're so glad you're here with us. Join Motherly