While we all adjust to life during the COVID-19 pandemic, we've learned that indoor activities for kids are necessary for curing boredom, but board games are just as awesome. Sure binge-watching movies can help pass time during these uncertain times, but this can be the perfect time to introduce games to your littles. Board games can help kids develop critical thinking, logic and reasoning skills without a formal lesson plan, which ultimately means less stress for you, mama.

We asked our Instagram mamas to share their go-to family board games. Some remind us of our childhood (does Candyland ever get old?), and others will quickly become our new favorites. So when homeschooling becomes overwhelming, pick up one of these.

Here are the best family board games to play with your kids, according to Instagram mamas:

1. Race to the Treasure —@kribbs1214

2. Scrabble —@gissy0411

4. Ticket to Ride —@artificialparent

5. Don't Break The Ice —@steph.m00re

6. Candyland —@knhidalgo

7. Monopoly Junior —@lorinda.monique

8. Operation —@jnschoon

10. Don't Step on The Poop —@kabdelaal89

11. Hi Ho Cheerio —@sstacy821

12. Hisss —@kdemelfi

13. Clue —@trulyaishah

14. Guess Who —@brub6066

15. Go Fish! card game —@aims6944

16. Hungry Hungry Hippos —@allyrod08

17. The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel game —@danielle_winters

18. Chutes and Ladders —@lojodvo

19. Labyrinth —@sheryllsuthrtland

20. Hoot Owl Hoot —@whoakenziekenz

21. Memory —@stephaniedfrasier

22. Pay Day —@lydiawurz

23. Family Feud —@mrs.dimopoulos

24. Disney Princess Enchanted Cupcake game —@jackie_hix

25. Zingo —@a_place_of_grace

26. The Game of Life —@jenzduncan

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