This double face mask hack made my skin *so* soft + glowy

An esthetician shares her best tips to really hydrate the skin.

double face mask hack

We all know that hydration is the key to moisturized skin, but it seems like no matter how much water we drink, our face is still super dry and rough. And with the cool air from our air conditioners on full blast, we're living in a constant dry state.

That's why we caught up with Sarah Karaolides, the head esthetician for Joanna Vargas Salon in New York City, to give us details on how to get (and maintain) soft, moisturized skin while quarantining. She's a pro in the game so we expected nothing but greatness. But, we didn't expect to hear a hack that saved time, too.

According to Karaolides, double facial masks (meaning using a standard facial mask and then a sheet mask) are better than using just one because they pack in a lot of powerful ingredients into a small amount of time.

"Face masks, especially a good quality sheet mask with serum, is a quick and easy way to treat skin within a matter of minutes," she says. "Time is of the essence for my moms so this offers the best of both worlds, and leaves skin feeling and looking better. Plus, I love for moms to have a moment to do something for themselves." We couldn't agree more!

Here's how she recommends double masking at home:

Step 1. Apply a mask

Start with clean, dry skin. Spread a layer of a clay or charcoal mask to clear pores and remove dead skin cells. Apply the mask to your face and neck and let sit until it dries.

Editor pick: Purlisse Matcha Green Tea + Lemon Detoxifying Charcoal Mask

Step 2. Remove mask

Remove the mask with gentle wiping motions using a damp washcloth or cotton pads. Don't pull the skin—everything about this process is very gentle.

Editor pick: Shiseido facial cotton squares

Step 3. Apply sheet mask

Apply a hydrating sheet mask, spreading any extra drippy serum down your neck and onto your decolletage.

Editor pick: Garnier SkinActive Aqua Boost Fresh-Mix Sheet Mask

Step 4. Massage your face

Use a facial roller (or spoon!) to smooth the mask and gently massage your face in outward/upward strokes. Put the roller or spoons in the fridge first to deflate puffiness. Then let the mask sit for 15-20 minutes.

Editor pick: Skin and Senses Premium Xiuyan Jade Facial Roller

Step 5. Apply serum

Remove the mask and pat any remaining serum into the skin. Next, apply a brightening or anti-aging serum, like a Vitamin C serum. Apply the serum to your hands first to warm it up, then press into the skin. Don't forget to press into the skin on the outside of your eyes. Pat skin lightly to dry the serum quicker and increase blood flow to the skin.

Editor pick: M-61 Vitablast C Serum 2.0

Step 6. Apply moisturizer + eye cream

Apply a hydrating moisturizer and eye cream. Pat excess eye cream into the skin around your mouth.

Editor pick: AHC Eye Cream

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