Announcing your pregnancy is almost always an exhilarating experience — and actress Keke Palmer took advantage of her role in the Dec. 3 “Saturday Night Live” skit to very publicly reveal her own big news. The pregnancy reveal was even more exciting for those suffering from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), like Palmer, leaving some encouraged that you can, in fact, get pregnant with the challenging and painful condition.

Here’s how her big moment rocked the world of mamas around the world trying to conceive, and cheering for loved ones who are too.

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“There’s some rumors going around. People have been in my comments saying Keke’s having a baby. Keke’s pregnant. And I want to set the record straight—I am!” she said, pulling open her trench coat to reveal her baby bump. “I got to say it’s bad when people on the internet spread rumors about you,” she joked,” But it’s even better when they’re correct!” She goes on to call it the “biggest blessing,” a sentiment echoed by PCOS sufferers everywhere.

“The way she opened her coat like she was superwoman…we love you Keke!” one fan wrote. Other moms were in tears: “I literally started crying when announced her pregnancy. She’s going to be an amazing mom.” 

Palmer’s condition, PCOS, is a hormonal disorder that can cause a variety of symptoms, from irregular or painful periods and weight changes, to acne and unwanted hair growth. It can also increase the risk of mental health disorders, and cause infertility. The good news is that while PCOS can cause infertility, it’s often fixable with appropriate treatment since this issue is ovulation dysfunction. This is why Instagram fans absolutely freaked out seeing her grand reveal. One wrote, “Yes @keke!!!!! #MIRACLEBABY on the way!!!! This is even more special knowing that she is a #PCOS warrior because polycystic ovarian syndrome is one of the most common causes of infertility. There is HOPE!!!”

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The actress who starred in “Nope” and “Akeelah and the Bee” is one of 5 million women the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports, with PCOS. She has been vocal about symptoms for years, including in her 2021 interview with Tamron Hall where she explained that her initial symptoms included bad acne and facial hair.

“I’ve got a low key beard going on I have to shave every couple of days,” she says, noting symptoms vary for everyone. “I’ll be honest… when it came to talking [publicly] about PCOS and my acne struggles, it was to empower myself and to give myself the opportunity to say own who you are. Love yourself… I’m gonna show my whole self to the world.”

Now that she’s pregnant, other people who have PCOS are cheering her on.

PCOS sufferers may have more of a platform and motivation than ever to speak as openly as Palmer did. One commented, “Those of us in the pcos community know how much of a blessing it is to get pregnant…”

Inspiring stories like Palmer’s, and others who learned to be more in touch and accepting of their bodies along their PCOS journeys, continue to open dialogue, opportunities, and resources for those touched by the condition, giving hope.