Having a plan in place in case of an active shooter is something every school in America is familiar with. A high school Spanish teacher is going viral on TikTok because of her innovative strategy should such an unfortunate event occur at her school, and it involves a hockey puck.

So far, video has garnered over two million views. Many commenters have shared just how depressing it is that we live in a country where teachers have to even come up with ideas like this, but many also thanked her for thinking outside the box when it comes to her students' safety.

Teacher Carly (@crzachar) begins the TikTok video by saying, “Hey teachers! So if you’re just like me you’ve probably been doing a lot of thinking recently about your school safety.” 


As she gives a quick tour of the classroom, she explains the current plan in place and the one issue she has should an armed intruder break in.

“I have these big windows along my back wall. My kids know that Plan A is always just to get out of that middle window and run across the street.” 

But if that's not possible for some reason, she says "Plan B is barricade the door and fight, you all know this."

But her door has a big window in it, which means the intruder would be able to see inside the classroom or break it open. So, as a point of defense, she came up with something to give every student to prepare themselves: a hockey puck.

The answer: a hockey puck. “It can really hurt you,” Carly explains. “Especially 30.” 

Rather than place all of the hockey pucks on top of each student's desk (because let's be realistic, those kids are going to play with those pucks all day and get distracted), she used double-sided adhesive to stick them underneath each desk. That way, the intruder won't know they're there and the kids can easily access them from under their desks.

“That way kids can use them if they need them,” she narrates. “Obviously it’s just a deterrent, but it definitely makes us feel a little bit better.” 

Lots of people commented on her post, including those who live outside the U.S. who expressed that they have a hard time fathoming the reality of gun violence in schools.

The official account of March For Our Lives, the student-led movement for effective gun legislation created in the aftermath of the Parkland shooting in February 2018, also commented on Carly's video.

"We have to fight for a reality where we don't need those hockey pucks," the account commented. "Thank you for being so committed to protecting your students, sending love."

Sending love indeed—teachers and students everywhere, just because.