Did someone say Red Ryder carbine action, 200-shot, range model air rifle? Because the latest trailer for the much-anticipated sequel to “A Christmas Story” dropped, with more of a look at the follow-up to the beloved holiday classic. Adult Ralphie (original star Peter Billingsley) is back, along with much of the other movie’s stars, and this time, Ralphie’s a dad trying to make this Christmas special for his kids.

“A Christmas Story Christmas” Trailer

Titled “A Christmas Story Christmas,” the sequel takes place in the 1970s, with Ralphie Parker all grown up and bringing his own family back to his parent’s house.

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Streaming on HBO Max Nov. 17, in the film, Ralphie returns to his childhood home with his heart set on giving his own children the kind of unforgettable holiday experience he had growing up. Along with Billingsley, Ian Petrella, Zack Ward, Scott Schwartz, and R.D. Robb are all set to reprise their roles as Randy Parker, Scut Farkus, Flick and Schwartz.

Julie Hagerty steps in for original star Melinda Dillon as Mrs. Parker. Darren McGavin, who played Ralphie’s dad, passed away in 2006, and we see Ralphie wanting to make a tribute to his dad in the trailer.

“A Christmas Story” refresher

The OG movie is based on Jean Shepherd’s semi-fictional anecdotes in his 1966 book “In God We Trust: All Others Pay Cash” (fun fact: Jean Sheperd narrates as Adult Ralphie and he has a cameo during the department store scene). Adult Ralphie takes us back to his most memorable Christmas, when he begged for his Red Ryder BB gun and everyone in his life—his mom, his teacher, and Higbee’s Santa Claus himself—all assure him it’s not a good gift because “you’ll shoot your eye out.”

On Christmas morning, Ralphie receives some presents that he enjoys but is disappointed not to find the rifle among them. When it appears that all of the presents have been opened, Ralphie’s father (“The Old Man”) directs him to one last box hidden in the corner, which proves to contain the rifle. He bundles up, heads outside, and sure enough—he almost shoots his eye out. Despite this and the fact that the neighbor’s dogs (BUMPUSES!!!) eat the Parker family’s Christmas dinner, Ralphie goes to bed that night with a smile on his face and his gun in his arms.

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Watch the first teaser below.

A version of this story was published October 18, 2022. It has been updated.