There comes a moment in every adult’s life when they realize their parents are flawed, messy humans who had real lives and fully existed before having children. For these two adult daughters on TikTok, that moment occurred when they watched their parents’ adorable wedding video. They cried, they laughed, and they cried again.

It’s a very sweet, very emotional moment. But it’s also hilarious, because one of the sisters has the realization that having kids “ruined” her parents’ lives.

“We’re watching our parents’ wedding video, and she’s crying,” one sister narrates as she shows a clip of her parents’ wedding video in the now-viral TikTok. Then we see the other sister, who is for sure having A Moment on the couch. It’s extremely sweet, relatable, and also very funny.

“They were so beautiful. And they were so young and youthful and in love,” the emotional sister says while crying. “And then we happened, and we ruined them!”

LOL. Now do their parents feel that way? I can only presume they most certainly don’t. But there’s something validating about seeing two adult children realize just how difficult it is to be a parent—life isn’t exactly as carefree as it is when it’s just you and your spouse.

“Now, they have to deal with anxious, disabled kids, oh my god!” she exclaims, wiping here eyes. “They had lives before us!”

While my own children have a long way to go before they’re adults, anytime my husband and I talk about things we did and places we went before becoming parents, I can see the “does not compute” look on their faces. They literally cannot fathom that we were a couple who existed—happily, no less—before they were born.

In a follow-up video the girls interview their parents, who assure all viewers that after 28 years, their marriage is “great” and even “better” because of their daughters.

“I wouldn’t change it for the world,” their dad says. “I love being a girl dad.”