TikTok mom “Hailey Outside” and her family took a trip to Paris together, but she said in the captions of her viral TikTok video that they made a huge mistake. As she shared photo after photo of her son snuggling his stuffed giraffe, “Cutie,” she said they accidentally left Cutie at their Airbnb and didn’t realize it until they were long gone. 

She of course felt terrible, and posted a tearful video on her page to ask her followers if anyone happened to live in Paris and if they could pick up Cutie, and ship him back to them. 

This is a good reminder that we all had that special item we carried everywhere with us when we were younger, whether it was a blanket, stuffed animal, or special toy. My cousin’s “thing” was a hair brush. Mine was a fantastic duo: a stuffed Snoopy and Woodstock. I still have them to this day, and my dad keeps them on my bed at the house I grew up in—and they are filthy. They went everywhere with me, including the toilet for baths, friends’ houses, and stores. I remember leaving Snoopy at a friend’s house and not being able to find him for a week when I was four-and-a-half and I was devastated. My parents tried to give me a new one and tell me it was MY Snoopy, and I somberly said, “I appreciate what you’re doing, but that’s not Snoopy.” We were reunited shortly after that. 

Snoopy and Woodstock went on many adventures with me, but nothing as cool as Paris, like this family did. 

So many people reached out, and she shared screenshots of their comments on her video.

“I am in Switzerland, but have friends in Paris if you don’t find someone directly!” one sweet follower offered.  “Hey I’m in Germany and have family in Belgium, would they ship it to us?” another follower asked. “Please let us know if you find him!” another concerned citizen said. 

Next, her video cuts to her son opening their mailbox and there’s a package inside. Hailey’s husband excitedly asks him if he knows what it is. 

“CUTIE!” her son gleefully replies, “LET’S GO OPEN IT!!” And he runs back to their home. 

He tears open the package at their kitchen table and it’s wrapped in pretty pink tissue paper and a gold ribbon with a letter. Understandably, he casts aside the letter, whips out Cutie, and snuggles the giraffe so hard. 

“Where was he?” Hailey asks him. “In the mail, waiting for me,” he replies. 

Excuse me while I go see who’s cutting onions in here.

Everyone in the comments shared their own lost friend story, and they were so touching. “When I was a little girl I left my blankie at a hotel 8 hours away, they wouldn’t ship it and my papa drove the 8 hours there and back on his one day,” one viewer shared. Another viewer had a sweet story. “I left a doll on the ferry when I was five. They made her a little paper outfit and jewelry and mailed her back to me.”

Another said this story would make a great children’s book, and they’re spot on. So good right? 

Let’s get Cutie a book deal ASAP, OK?