It’s been 85 years since we last watched a new episode of “Bridgerton,” and yet we still have to wait just a little bit longer. Thankfully, the good people of Netflix have decided to throw us a few crumbs to get us excited for the season premiere of season three in May—and if you’re ready for some Team Polin action, well, you’re wish is Netflix’s command.

In a sneak peek released on Feb. 13, Penelope (Nicola Coughlan) confronts Colin (Luke Newton) about the choice words he shared with his brothers at the end of season two. In the new clip, Colin has just returned from several months abroad and hopes to pick up his friendship with Penelope right where he believes they left off.

“Goodnight, Mr. Bridgerton,” she tells him (notably not addressing him as “Colin” like she usually does).

“Do you not need a chaperone?” he asks as she turns to leave. She replies, “Spinsters do not need chaperones.”

“You are not a spinster,” he chides her gently with a smile. But she’s having NONE of it.

“I’m in my third year on the marriage mart with no prospects to show for it,” she retorts. “What would you call that?”

Confused (because he’s A Man), he asks, “Something wrong, Pen? Between us, I mean? I wrote to you this summer, as I always do, and why you did not respond? Admittedly, very few did but if you are going to make me say it out loud, I miss you.”

“You miss me? You miss me, but you never court me, is that correct?” she says. Not letting him interrupt, she continues, “I overheard you at my mama’s ball last season, telling everyone how you would’ve never, ever court Penelope Featherington.”

“Perhaps we should talk about this somewhere more private,” Colin says, looking around for onlookers.

“Because I embarrass you,” she states. “Of course, you would never court me. I’m the laughingstock of the ton even when I change my entire wardrobe. It just never occurred to me that you of all people could be so cruel,” she adds before walking away.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how it’s done.

The third season is based on the third book of the Bridgerton series, “Romancing Mister Bridgerton,” written by the amazing Julia Quinn. “Bridgerton” show creators Shonda Rhimes and Chris Van Dusen decided to have the third season follow Penelope and Colin’s love story. Despite season 3 moving away from the order of the books, Coughlan told PEOPLE in a June 2023 interview that “it’s really special and it stays very true to the books.” 

“I always look at the three seasons like this. I think season 1 was about passion, season 2 was about longing and season 3, I think it’s romance all the way,” Coughlan explains. “It’s just so romantic.”

She added, “There were a lot of moments on set where we filmed something and we’d turn around and everyone was sort of clutching their chest being like ‘Oh my God.’ It was that kind of love.”

Well, consider us SEATED and READY for the third season! The first half of season three premieres on May 16 and part two releases on June 13 on Netflix.