Ah, the rotary phone. For Gen Z’ers who spot this ancient relic it might as well be the same as finding dinosaur fossils. In both cases, they don’t know what to do with them! But, as we all know, when you don’t know how to do something, there’s a TikTok video that’s just waiting to show you how.

Hopping on the latest rotary phone TikTok trend, singer Christina Milian challenges her tween daughter to use the phone of yesteryear and the resulting video is beyond hilarious. (Plus, a learning moment for someone like me who does NOT know how to use a rotary phone).


The TikTok trend that Milian tries out with her daughter is about parents teasing their teens and tweens about using rotary phones. The singer, 41, is behind the camera when the video starts. She zooms in on her daughter, Violet Madison, 12, then pans over to a rotary phone on the shelf of what could be a thrift store.

She says, “So, Violet you know how to use one of these phones?”

Of course, in typical teenage girl fashion, her daughter responds that she does indeed know.

So, Milian puts her to the test!

She tells her daughter, “Show me,” and then asks Violet to dial 911.

Violet breaks out in giggles and is clearly trying but is so adorably confused by how to spin the dial, where to put her fingers or even how far to spin it around. Which, TBH I don’t blame her!

After watching the tween struggle, Milian finally explains the process to her and together they successfully complete a call.

At the end, Violet pokes a little fun at her mom when she pretends to be talking to an operator and says, “Hello? My mom is making me use this phone, help!”

The “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” actress captioned her sweet mother-daughter video, “Kids these days will never know ☎️ Saw this on TikTok and knew I had to try this out with my kid. I’m ☠️…”

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Milian shares her daughter with the singer, The Dream. She is also mother to two boys, Kenna, 18 months, and Isaiah, 2, with her husband, Matt Pokora.

As a working mom, the singer-actress has shared her views on social media parenting in the past. She’s said before that you should just do what you can which just makes this simple yet precious mother-daughter bonding moment that she captured with her eldest child all the more sweeter.

Milian recently joined the cast of the Starz show, “Step-Up.” In a recent interview with Ebony about her new role, Milian was also asked how she juggles life as a working mom and any advice she has for others who are in a similar position.

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“My advice is to do what you can handle,” she says. “As a working mom, I think it’s important to not fall into seeing Instagram and social media and thinking you’re not doing enough. I think we always feel like we’re not doing enough, whether it’s at home or for work. But don’t be hard on yourself. We all have our own stories to tell.”

“When it comes to social media, of course, it always looks shiny and sparkly and everybody makes everything look so good. But we all know that there’s a process that goes behind all of that.”

“You will find a balance,” she adds.