We love a good social media trend. But you know what we love even more? A wholesome, kid-focused social media trend that will absolutely melt your heart, no matter who you are.

A new trend that’s been making the rounds in recent weeks is just that. In the videos, parents ask their kids to help record a video of them doing a silly TikTok dance, hugging their partner, goofing off, and other activities. The kids holding the camera don’t know that it’s actually recording them — showing their sweet and sometimes hilarious reactions to their parents’ antics.

Take a look at this video, for example. In it, the mom does a goofy dance to a Taylor Swift song after asking her toddler son to record it. With the camera actually turned on his face, we see him absolutely light up, beaming at his mom acting so silly. The pure love in his eyes will make you feel every feeling, we guarantee it.

It doesn’t matter how old or young the kiddos are in these videos, they’re all just absolutely delighted to watch their parents be silly. It’ll hit you right in your Grinch heart!

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Some parents have repeated the video by doing their own dances.


Had to jump on the trend! Love this beautiful girl!

♬ Love Story (Taylor’s Version) – Taylor Swift

When kids are featured on social media, sometimes you just don’t know what you’re getting. But when it’s this pure and sweet, non-exploitative, and all-around feel-good content, it’s hard to not love it.

And others have put their own spin on the trend by doing something other than a dance. In one particularly heartwarming clip, a couple asks their son to take a video of them while they dance together, hug, and kiss. Their toddler’s face is a journey of emotions as he takes in his parents’ tenderness and love with so much joy in his little eyes.

The commenters on these videos are just like us — they can’t get enough of them.

“That smile screams ‘my mom is beautiful and i am too’ and it makes me smile,” one wrote. Another added, “This trend makes me cry and smile all at the same time.”

Yeah, same.

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Some commenters have pointed out that the videos model good behavior for kiddos to watch and learn — especially the ones that show parents being sweet and affectionate with one another.

“He is gonna remember that and believe me kids like these children grow up with lesser trust issues. It all starts with the family. Kudos to these parents,” one commenter wrote.

If that isn’t reason enough to try out this sweet trend yourself, we don’t know what is. But even better that after doing so, you’ll have a precious recording of your baby that you’ll be sure to treasure forever.