Ah Kate, I have been you.

I have been the mum with the wild one,

the mum with the child,

who doesn’t follow the herd,

or do what he is told.

I have hissed pointless commands under my breath

and painted on a smile,

knowing that there was little I could do.

And seeing little Louis

and his myriad cheeky faces yesterday,

made me think how ‘seen’ many will feel.

All of us mums who know what it feels like

to be called over by the teacher at pick-up.

To be first to leave a birthday party,

when the sugar rush kicks in.

We all felt pretty useless sometimes,

faulty somehow.

But time, as is its way, shows us eventually,

that we were trying to break a back of a wilder.

And why would anyone want to do that?

Some kids are just so very full of spirit,

that they must simply be protected and loved,

until they are free to roam as they like,

creating magic in their wake

and kicking dirt up as they fly.

It’s a rocky road

but we salute you as you pass.

We know.

And for those judging, trust me,

it’s not bad parenting.

These kids come with a spark,

all of their own.

And as hard that is to control,

they love twice as fiercely ❤️

This story was originally published on Donna Ashworth Words.