If your family has the Disney+ app, chances are you’re already familiar with Disney’s latest animated wonder, Encanto. It’s a deeply emotional and engaging story about the Colombian Madrigal family, and it’s pretty much taken social media by storm. And if you’ve ever felt like the birth order in your own family plays a role in the dynamic, well, then you already know why everyone is talking about Encanto.

Here’s a quick synopsis of the movie in case you need some background info (you probably don’t, but I’m nothing if not thorough in relaying my Disney love).

I live under a rock. What’s Encanto about?

The Madrigals are a notable family who lives in a hidden paradise in the mountains of Colombia. The story begins with Alma and Pedro Madrigal, who were forced to flee their original home along with their triplets: Julieta, Pepa, and Bruno. After Pedro dies during an armed conflict, Alma is given a candle with magical qualities—which she calls her “miracle.” The magic allows the remaining Madrigals to live in an enchanted house, “Casita.” The magic of Casita has blessed each of the Madrigal children and grandchildren with a unique gift—every child except the protagonist, Mirabel. The story centers around Mirabel’s physical and emotional journey, but every member of the Madrigal family plays an important role.

Mirabel is the youngest sister, with oldest sister Luisa and middle sister Isabela providing much of the background about the family’s troubling dynamic. Basically, the key to saving Casita (and Mirabel) from ruin requires the psychological dissection of the sisters—but it’s all set to a soundtrack created by Lin-Manuel Miranda, which means we all get to bop along while crying.

Alright, why is Encanto going viral?

Anyway, people have been talking about Encanto on TikTok, Instagram and Twitter nonstop since the film was released in December. And no one nails ALLLLLL of the feelings quite like Chrissy, also known as @csapunch, on TikTok. (You probably already know her from her hilarious videos surrounding ’90s hip-hop, aka the best decade for hip-hop.)


My kids have watched this movie at least 80x this week 😅

♬ original sound – Chrissy

If that doesn’t perfectly summarize exactly how we all felt while watching Encanto every single time we’ve watched it, I don’t know what does. The songs are bangers, tbh. I have a particular fondness for Luisa’s song and “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.”

But more than that, if you’re a woman or a mother or a daughter (or all three), then you’ve likely done some spontaneous soul-searching while watching Encanto. Because it’s basically impossible not to! In fact, I believe now that I’ve witnessed the character development of both Luisa and Mirabel, I no longer need therapy.

Just watch Chrissy nail it yet again.


Reply to @malloryjo419 the theme song for all of us trying to keep our shit together

♬ original sound – Chrissy

The movie is so popular, in fact, that the soundtrack has made it to the top of Billboard’s charts. “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 at number 50, and “Surface Pressure” debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 at number 54 this week. The film’s entire soundtrack album jumped to number 7 on the Billboard Top 200 dated Jan. 8, landing at 110.

Over the holidays, I described Encanto as an emotional rollercoaster combination of Moana, Coco and Inside Out. It’ll make you laugh, cry, jump, dance, sing, dance, laugh, and cry all over again. If your family hasn’t gathered around the TV to watch this brilliant movie yet, I highly recommend setting some time aside this weekend to do exactly that.

Want to channel Luisa’s gift for yourself? Here’s a reminder that the strength you need is inside you.


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