If you know Ms Rachel today, you know her iconic, lilting voice as a balm that soothes toddlers and young kids into an almost trance-like state. Her voice is one of the most instantly recognizable parts of her videos, which have been beloved by young kids for years now. But in a preview for a revealing new interview with “Good Morning America,” Ms Rachel reveals that when she was young, her voice made her a target for bullying in school.

In the preview clip, Ms Rachel explains that, “You never know what someone’s story is.”


To that, host Eva Pilgrim notes, “You yourself were bullied as a child.”

Ms Rachel replies, “Yeah, and the crazy thing I was realizing is I was bullied for my voice.”

She gets emotional as she continues, “It was so, like, high,” and does her iconic “Hi!” in her Ms Rachel voice, before adding, “People would bully me about that, and now it’s my superpower in a way, so that’s just so cool.”

Later in the interview, Pilgrim asks Ms Rachel about why she always wanted to become a teacher, and she opens up again about the career that sparked her passion to work with young kids.

“I remember I taught at a preschool for kids with disabilities, and I went in thinking that I was going to change their lives — I was going to help them. And then they transformed me,” she explains. “They gave me so much. I was like, ‘I want to do this forever. I want to help kids.'”

She continues, “I love kids so much, and I love teaching, and I’m so passionate about it. It’s a joy that sustains you, not a fleeting joy. It’s a joy that you can carry with you, to serve kids.”

Ms Rachel, you gem. Never change.