Do you want to just completely melt from cuteness? Well, you’re about to. Because there’s nothing cuter than babies dressed up for Halloween. And these NICU babies are dressed up.

A group of NICU nurses at Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare decided to get their tiniest patients in the Halloween spirit with teeny tiny costumes! In a post that quickly went viral on Facebook, the hospital shared the adorable images of these little cuties.

“You won’t boo-lieve how cute our NICU babies are this Halloween!” the post reads. “Spooky season in the NICU is one of our favorite traditions, and this year is no exception!”

baby 8
Excuse me, who ordered the ‘Ratatouille?’
baby 7 1
There’s nothing raggedy about this little angel!
baby 6
An “incredible” costume!
baby 4
The cutest little Olaf we ever did see!
baby 1
Special delivery!
baby 21
Who are you callin’ a ‘small fry?’
baby 20
Mike Wizowski, at your scaring service!
baby 18
The BEST Baby Yoda.
baby 10
Just keep swimming!
baby 9
Hopefully this little one finds their way home soon.
baby 13
Yabba dabba doo!

Tallahassee Memorial says they want to make the holiday special for NICU families who may not feel particularly festive this week.

“Having a baby in the NICU can be stressful for families, especially with the uncertainty of COVID-19 still present in our community,” the hospital tells Motherly. “Bringing the festive Halloween fun to these little ones and their parents is just one of the many ways our team works to normalize the NICU environment and keep families’ spirits high. Our crafty NICU night team created the costumes and our day team brought their visions to life.”

Crafty indeed! This thoughtful effort likely helps NICU parents everywhere by giving them a little dose of some much-needed normalcy on display.