It’s that time of year for advent calendars, and boy have they come a long way. What was originally a chocolate-filled advent calendar that started in the 1950s, has now become pretty much anything you can dream of. There are advent calendars with toys, candy, dog treats, skincare, wine, and even craft beer—and my personal favorite, an advent calendar filled with a way to do something nice each day. But this mom’s son’s homemade advent calendar for his mom definitely takes the cake.

Destiny shared on her TikTok @love_makes_family_grow a video of the advent calendar her 10-year-old son Ezra made for her, and it’s just precious. He made it out of a pizza box and filled it with special notes and candy—his own candy, to be clear. And y’all know how big of a deal it is for your kid to give you their own candy instead of you sneaking it after they go to bed. That’s love.

@love_makes_family_grow My 10 year old made me an advent calendar!! Hes so thoughtful 🥰 #diyadventcalendar #bestkidever #homemadechristmas #adventcalendar ♬ original sound – Destiny

On the first day, which Destiny shared on the video, she found a piece of Ezra’s Halloween candy in there and a sweet note that read, “I love ‘you’re’ lasagna. It is the best.” And he went on to tell his mom there were some “coupon ones in there, too.”

When Destiny asked Ezra why he made her an advent calendar, he said, “I thought that since you got all of us advent calendars you couldn’t go without one.”

“Even though you said ‘No I don’t need one’ multiple times, I still chipped in and made one,” he said. 

Everyone in the comments were touched by Ezra’s sweet holiday gift. 

One viewer said that Ezra has already won Christmas and it’s just day one.

“What a sweet child. I’d cry for days knowing I’ve raised such a kind and thoughtful baby,” one person said. Another said that Ezra is going to make a wonderful partner one day because of his kindness and thoughtfulness. 

“Ezra for president! Also a recycling king using a pizza box!!! LOVE THIS SO MUCH!” another viewer said. 

Many comments were begging Destiny to film the following days of her opening her advent calendar, and we hope she does. She took to the comments and said that she almost didn’t share this because she’s been trying to share her kids less on social media.

Whatever she decides, it’s so sweet she shared this special moment, because as we know, a lot of the time, moms make the magic happen during Christmas—and are rarely recognized for all the effort. But this time, mom received a little magic herself, thanks to Ezra.