As parents, we often commiserate that our kids don’t listen or pay attention. We might even wear holiday shirts this time of year that claim they listen to nothing. But in a recent TikTok video, second-grade teacher Kaitlyn McCarty proves to us all that they just might listen closer than we give them credit for…or at least when it comes to their beloved teachers.

In McCarty’s video that’s been viewed 23k times, she shares a recent activity she had her students complete, in which she asked them to draw a picture and write a sentence about what she wants for Christmas. And McCarty says they’re pretty accurate. The students keenly picked up on some of McCarty’s favorite things, including Target gift cards, earrings, a Gucci handbag “because she deserves it,” and even a $100 Texas Roadhouse gift card. 

“You know, I’d say they know me pretty well,” McCarty laughed in the video.


What does your teacher want for christmas activity 😂✨🩵 #teacher #christmas #teachersoftiktok

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While the holidays are a great time to show appreciation for your child’s teacher, don’t forget to check in with them throughout the year to see if there are things that are needed for the classroom, especially as supplies dwindle. Your child’s teacher is often replenishing their classroom supplies from their own personal funds, so any little bit of help can make a huge difference for them and your child’s learning environment.

So when it comes to shopping for your child’s teacher this holiday season, it might be worth asking your child first for ideas. But if they stare at you blankly or suggest a box of Kleenex because the classroom is out, you can also check out our list of some fun ideas that are sure to remind your child’s teacher how much you appreciate them this holiday season–and every day.