The first presidential debate was painful to watch for many reasons. The sitting president of the United States
failed to condemn white supremacy when asked, and while both President Trump and Joe Biden spoke nearly constantly, they didn’t say much of value.

It was disappointing for stressed parents who would have rather heard more about policy and the future of America instead of watching two men interrupt and insult each other.

The candidates spent a significant amount of time talking over each other, asking the other to shut up and deflecting questions from moderator Chris Wallace, whose position was instantly relatable to any parent who has had to ask their children to stop squabbling at the dinner table.

These viral tweets sum up the debate perfectly:

These tweets make light of an incredibly sad night in the history of American politics and there are two more to come. President Trump and Joe Biden have two more debates ahead of them. C-SPAN editor Steve Scully will moderate the October 15 debate in Miami debate and NBC’s Kristen Welker will moderate in Tennessee on October 22.