Pregnancy is physical—as all pregnant moms know. It doesn’t end with a growing bump, either. The aches, pains, soreness, slowness and physical symptoms you feel along the way can alter the way you’re used to doing things. That is why Nike stepped up (as always!) to be a leader in the world of movement for women—now including expectant mamas with maternity activewear and prenatal workouts through the free Nike Training Club app.

With the (M)ove Like a Mother program in the Nike Training Club (NTC) app, you’re able to confidently select from a ton of workouts as you and your baby grow. From “early pregnancy” to “later pregnancy,” you can filter to find the workout that meets you where you’re at in your journey. Then, when baby is here, you can continue with postpartum workouts designed to support your body during the next stage of your journey.

As someone who was an athlete through college and then found myself very unsure of how to safely workout once I was pregnant, I can’t explain how much I appreciate this. Not to mention that it’s one less thing to think about as pregnancy brain creeps in. You can just choose a workout and let the qualified fitness instructors lead you from there! I’ve been incorporating their low-impact workouts throughout this entire pregnancy (my second) and it’s night-and-day difference from my first pregnancy when I wasn’t sure how to move.

But Nike isn’t stopping there: Not only is Nike paving the way for safe pregnancy fitness through the NTC app, but they’re also ready to dress our growing bodies as well with the Nike (M) line!

As a fashion blogger, this excites me even more than the workouts (just being honest!), and having the combo of comfortable stuff to wear as I move my body is pretty incredible. If you’ve worn Nike before, you know this is a step up from what’s currently on the market for pregnant women. The quality, fit and design are amazing—as to be expected. From low-impact workouts to hikes to runs, Nike (M) was made for us during every stage of pregnancy. Finally!

Here are my favorite maternity clothing picks:

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Nike One (M)

High-Waisted Maternity Leggings


As a petite person, I love Nike’s option of inclusive sizing—from short to tall and XXS to 2XL, there’s a fit for everyone. These leggings are a classic fit and are what you’ll find me in most often!

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Nike Dri-FIT One (M)

7" Maternity Biker Shorts


I’m forever a leggings girl—but being pregnant during the summers in Texas meant I had to consider other options. Let’s hear it for biker shorts being back in style! I love that I can wear these for working out or running errands, and they provide similar support to leggings. Plus they are made with sustainable materials, so I can feel good about that, too. 

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Nike (M)

Reversible Maternity Pullover


A pullover with breathing room for a growing baby—literally. The criss-cross design comfortably accommodates a growing bump and the reversible option makes adds to the versatility. This one can be a true closet staple, even after baby’s arrival since it’s also nursing-friendly!

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Nike Dri-FIT (M)

Maternity Dri-FIT T-Shirt


This Dri-FIT t-shirt is made for even the sweatiest workouts. With enough stretch to allow your belly to breathe and support to make you feel comfortable throughout workouts, I need it in every color! It’s also sustainably made, so that’s a win-win.

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Nike Dri-FIT (M)

Maternity Dri-FIT Tank


This is my go-to for low-impact workouts within the Nike Training Club app. Its longer hem leaves plenty of room for coverage and I can see myself reaching for this postpartum as well. Not only is it super versatile, but it’s also sustainably made so you can feel good in more ways than one.