Your 3-month-old is reaching out to discover his world.

Make the most of their milestones:

It's probably hard to believe that just three short months ago, that adorable baby was in your belly. Now he's constantly developing new skills and abilities, making play time even more fun! So we've put together a guide of new milestones to watch for and tips for encouraging your curious, growing baby through playtime.

Your baby's vision is improving, which means he's ready to discover things near and far. Take time to identify the world around him, and provide toys that stimulate his auditory skills like a
musical shaker as he starts to grip and reach for new things. And don't be shy about singing—he thinks you're the best singer ever!

Here are a few suggestions to make the most of your baby's third month.


Your baby can see and recognize things farther away.

  • Try This: Take him on walks while you narrate what you see.


He enjoys playing and responds to facial expressions and sounds.


Coos are turning into babbles, and he may start to copy your sounds.

  • Try This: Talk as much as you can, including helping him to learn animal sounds.


He has started to swat, grip, and shake toys.

  • Try This: Offer safe-sized toys he can bat at, grab, and play with.

Your postpartum life:

You've officially been at this mama gig for three months — and you're undoubtedly starting to feel like you've hit your stride. As much time as you put into learning your baby's rhythms, make sure to pay attention to what your body needs too. Set aside time for some restoring self-care, whether it's a long bath, a strengthening yoga class, or a night out with your partner. You've definitely earned it!

You're (finally!) past the notorious “fourth trimester"! Now the real fun begins.

Discover all the activities and milestones for the first year with your curious baby here.

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Disclaimer: The milestones presented are averages. Any questions you may have about your child's development should be shared with his or her doctor.

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