Are you planning a vacation and think packing your travel stroller is a no brainer? Well we've got a strong case for why you should bring your full-size stroller on your next big adventure. It may seem like the bulkier option, but having your full-size stroller can be enormously helpful when jet-setting with kids. Here are 6 reasons for traveling with your full-size stroller: 1. It doubles as a cart at the airport. By the time you get to your gate at the airport you'll be glad you brought along your full-size stroller. Full-size strollers usually have roomier baskets, which means they can act as an extra set of arms for lugging bags. For even more storage capacity, you can wear your little one and place your bags on the seat. And you can add a few mommy Hooks to the handle bar to hang that backpack your child gave up on seconds after getting to the airport. 2. It's a home away from home. If you use your full-size stroller on the daily, chances are, it's become a safe haven for your little one. So why changing things up just because you are on the go? In fact, since traveling means interfering with your baby's routine, your usual full-size stroller may give him a much-needed sense of familiarity that will keep him at ease until you are back home. 3. It's comfortable and cozy. Full-size strollers tend to have a wider seat, a foot rest and a large sunshade, all of which make for a pretty cushy ride. The more comfortable your babe, the more likely he'll be willing to cooperate during a long day of sightseeing and exploring. 4. It's great for nap time. Full-size strollers come with a few perks that lend themselves well to napping such as a seat that lies flat and a large canopy, both ideal for long snoozes. And if your baby naps well in the stroller, you won't have to rush back to your hotel in the middle of the day and waste precious daylight. 5. It doubles as a high chair. You'll likely patron restaurants way more than usual while on vacation, and your full size stroller can come in handy while dining out. Since the seat on full-size strollers is typically higher than those of travel strollers, babies too little for a highchair can be pulled up to the table. This also comes in handy if the restaurant you've had on your itinerary for months does't end up being so kid-friendly and scoffs at you when you ask for a high chair. 6. It's a smooth ride no matter where you go. Full-size strollers have larger wheels with better suspension than your average travel stroller. No matter where in the world you're off to, your full size stroller will more easily handle the terrain -- be it the trails, beach or cobblestone streets. Still don't have a stroller and wondering which one to get? Here are our favorite full-feature strollers:

Mountain Buggy +One Stroller, $599.

Phil&Teds Sport Stroller, $438.

Bugaboo Fox Stroller, starting at $1,199.

Joolz Hub Stroller, $679.

Graco Uno2Duo stroller, $499.

Britax B-Ready, on sale for $399.