When cooler weather starts to roll in, we fashionistas all get giddy over pulling out the chunky sweaters, boots, scarves and hats. Dressing for fall is 10 percent about being warm and 90 percent about having fun with all the layers sitting pretty in your closet. But what if you have busy tots to clothe?

Sure, it’s exciting to invent a whole new wardrobe for our little ones, but their needs are much more practical than ours. After all, they are all about play, and they’re also incredibly prone to colds. So their fall threads need to be comfortable and warm in all the right places. To create the perfect ratio, opt for practical, but stylish essentials, like lined pants, chunky ribbed tights and thin layers and finish with outerwear staples like boots and all-weather jackets. Finally, throw in a little bit of fun and cute because, well, who else to better pull that off than a tiny person?

Here are our picks for your toddler’s fall essentials.


image 4915

1. Football sweater by Rad Vintage Shop: $20, buy here. 2. J Crew Camo tee: $32.50, buy here. 3. Tiny Cottons turtle neck tee: 36 euros, buy here. 4. Joe Fresh French Bulldog Print Sweatshirt: $12.25, buy here. 5. Bobo Choses seagull sweatshirt: 70.80 euros, buy here.

BOTTOMS image 4916

1. Mini Boden leggings: $34, buy here. 2. H&M treggings: $14.99, buy here. 3. Rylee & Cru ginger mini skirt: $57, buy here. 4. June & January tights: $13.50, buy here. 5. Andy & Evan grey suiting joggers: $44, buy here.


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1. Old Navy floral dress: $14, buy here. 2. Imoga Osha dress: $134.36, buy here. 3. Monica & Andy zipper dress: $44, buy here. 4. NUNUNU eye 360 dress: $66, buy here.


image 4918

1. Hunters rain boots: $70, buy here. 2. See Kai Run kids dane: $48, buy here. 3. Minnetonka splash fringe boots: $55, buy here. 4. Converse chucks: $30, buy here.


image 4919

1. Tucker + Tate hooded cardigan: $49, buy here. 2. Gap floral satin jacket: $58, buy here. 3. Zara quilt vest: $22.90, buy here. 4. Columbia rain jacket: $24.99, buy here. 5. Andy and Evan cardigan: $46, buy here.


image 4920

1. Oeuf crown: $38, buy here. 2. Misha & Puff sledding scarf: $48, buy here. 3. Tucker + Tate socks: $12, buy here. 4. Rags to Ratchet broken H panel clip back hat: $23.50, buy here. 5. Grey Label endless scarf: $26, buy here. 6. Old Navy beanie: $12, buy here.

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