*We've partnered with WavHello to help you connect your little one with everyone. It's hard to remember our lives before technology came along. And yet, once baby arrives, tech becomes a bad word. From that first mom group meeting, Tech Haters are on you to banish iPads and televisions, hide your iPhone and get as analog as your great, great, great Grandma. But why suddenly cut the cord (literally!) on these game changers just because you've added your own little game changer (ahem, a baby!) to the mix? Tech can be a major asset to life with baby, especially when it has the ability to connect families and create a sense of community. That's why we're crushing on WavHello's free mobile app VoiceShare, which lets you record and share voice messages, lullabies, and stories for your baby across time zones and generations through its 2me feature. Also on our crush list? WavHello's SoundBub, a portable Bluetooth speaker (and white noise machine!) to play all those voice messages, lullabies and stories to your baby. (BTW, guys, we're currently giving away a Soundbub and some other fun WavHello goodies on Instagram! Head here to enter.) So even if you're not ready for a full tech immersion, here's why we think you should wade into baby tech territory with WavHello: 1. Because It Helps With That #MomGuilt. Sometimes Mama has other things to do. Shocker, right? If you're having feels about missing out on story time, you can head on over to the Read section of the VoiceShare app, and record yourself reading classic children's stories, as well as some newer faves from VoiceShare's own library. Then, Dad or your babysitter, or whoever is watching the kids (your doorman? We won't judge) can play the story for your baby. Bonus: You can record it in a sweet, loving, maternal voice instead of the tired, irritated and annoyed voice you'd have if you were actually “doing" bedtime. 2. Because Sometimes You Need a Friend (or a Friend's Voice). Are you on solo baby duty and looking for some bedtime help? Select a story from the Read section and request a personal book reading from Auntie, Little Sis or your BFF. (You can even make song requests). You can even step out early and let your SoundBub do the storytime for you; you can hang it safely right in baby's crib. Hmmm, maybe you should do storytime “solo" more often! 3. Because Sleep Deprivation Makes You Forget Things. Every family has stories, and it is important to preserve them before they escape your sleep deprived brain. For the ones that your kiddo will want to hear over and over, the VoiceShare app has a feature in the Talk section that lets and your loved ones record and share family stories (or stories about your baby, since let's face it, kids love to hear stories about themselves). Even if you're not the expert fireside storyteller, there are some really helpful prompts to get you going. Warning: Just reading the prompts might make you tear up a little, so good luck getting those stories out without choking up. Everything is stored in the My Stories section of the app, so when your kid asks for the 51st time “Tell me how I got my name, again?" you can just press a button. 4. Because Your Karaoke Days Are Not Dead. Get ready to bring out your inner rock star, because you, Mama, are the lead act in a lullaby production of Twinkle Twinkle. And if you tap the Sing2me feature, you can invite your loved ones to record their ditties from the Great Lullaby Playlist. Sure, it's not quite like those wild karaoke nights before baby came along, but at least your baby will know what your BFF sounds like when she tries to hit a high note (which is probably more than you can remember from those days anyway). 5. Because Your Sound Machine Needs An Upgrade. WavHello's VoiceShare app is also compatible with a genius little device called Soundbub, which not only plays the requisite ocean and rain sounds, but also everything you've recorded in VoiceShare. It's also got a portable Bluetooth speaker and white noise machine, and it comes in three cute animal character options (owl, bunny, or bear) that easily clips to strollers, cribs, and car seats. Did we mention it's safe for baby to gnaw on? (Though we recommend other sources of nourishment.) SHOP OUR WAVHELLO FAVES

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