As a pediatric emergency physician, Dr. Christina Johns has met many parents in the midst of unexpected crisis situations. While no parent hopes to find themselves in that role, a little knowledge and preparation can help. “Before we get to that panic moment, I think it’s a really good idea to know what’s in your medical plan,” Dr. Johns says in the new episode of The Motherly Podcast. 

In this episode, host Liz Tenety and Dr. Johns have a great mom-to-mom conversation about important safety tips every caregiver should know, how to prepare for crisis situations ahead of time and important advice for staying healthy during cold and flu season. As the Senior Medical Advisor for PM Pediatric Care, Dr. Johns is also a strong advocate for making quality healthcare (including mental health care) readily accessible to families across the country.

“We know that outcomes are good when there’s early intervention,” she says. “It’s been important to step in and make sure that children are getting expert care from pediatric professionals who know what they’re doing and have experience.”