TheraTogs are a wearable, flexible therapy system used in pediatric physical and occupational therapy. They are essentially a garment system which is designed to provide gentle, prolonged muscle stretch and alignment guidance. The main goals are to help children gain improved mobility, alignment, and functional skills advancement.

Key Takeaways

  1. TheraTogs are a wearable rehabilitative medical device often used in pediatric therapy, especially in children with cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, autism, and various forms of sensory processing disorders. They can equally be useful for mothers dealing with certain postpartum problems.
  2. This system uses a garment and foam components to provide gentle, prolonged muscle stretch and alignment guidance, thus aiding in motor skills developments, postural alignment, and overall physical functioning.
  3. TheraTogs systems are customizable to the wearer’s needs and are designed for daily use to support therapy goals at home. The garments are comfortable, worn under regular clothing, and can be a useful tool in managing the symptoms and challenges that might affect a mother’s quality of life.


TheraTogs is a notable term in the realm of motherhood and pediatric care because it refers to a specially designed wearable rehabilitative garment system, often used for children.

Used in physical therapy and in some conditions related to physical development, TheraTogs systems are typically used to address issues of bone alignment, muscular imbalances, proprioception issues, cerebral palsy, Down Syndrom, and idiopathic toe-walking among others.

For mothers, understanding the purpose and applications of TheraTogs can be critical if they have a child experiencing any relevant physical development challenges.

These garments provide a method of treatment that can be incorporated into a child’s daily life, enabling continual therapy and potentially leading to faster progress in overcoming their physical challenges.


TheraTogs are highly effective therapeutic garments designed to aid children with various types of physical disabilities or motor skill delays. They are used to enhance sensory feedback, correct alignment, and improve muscle activation.

TheraTogs are particularly beneficial for children dealing with a range of motor control issues, including cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, and developmental delays. These garments offer a sort of ‘wearable therapy’, enabling continual correction and treatment that assists in improving a child’s postural stability and movement skill.

TheraTogs can be customized based on individual needs and provide therapy solutions that parents can implement into their child’s daily life. They are slipped onto the body and then customized with strapping to address a child’s specific needs.

This continual feedback and support can improve muscle memory, which leads to improved motor skills, posture, and overall coordination. Overall, the purpose of TheraTogs is to enable more effective and integrative daily living for kids dealing with a range of motor difficulties, with the ultimate goal being more independence and improved quality of life.

Examples of Theratogs

TheraTogs are a type of wearable therapy. They are used for sensory feedback and stability. Here are three examples of its real-world application, particularly related to motherhood or caring for children:

Children with motor development delays: Children who have conditions that impede their motor development, such as Down syndrome or Cerebral Palsy, often use TheraTogs. A mother may have to assist her child in donning TheraTogs to help with physical posture and movement stability.

Managing Autism-Related Sensory Issues: Some children with autism have sensory processing issues where the usual sensory information like light, sound, touch, etc. can be overwhelming. TheraTogs can be used to provide consistent gentle pressure to the body, which can be calming for children with autism. Mothers of children with autism might use TheraTogs to help manage the sensory discomfort their children experience.

Rehabilitation After Injury: If a child faces an unfortunate accident and has to go through physical rehabilitation, a mother might turn to TheraTogs. This could be after broken bones or some types of surgery where they need to relearn certain movements or regain strength and balance. The TheraTogs provide support and stability to help in the recovery and rehabilitation process.

FAQs about Theratogs

What are Theratogs?

Theratogs are specially designed wearable therapeutic garments that provide gentle and prolonged muscle stretch and alignment guidance that benefit children with a wide range of orthopedic, neuromotor, and sensorimotor conditions.

How do Theratogs work?

Theratogs are designed to provide gentle, prolonged stretch and support to specific muscles and joints, improving body alignment and enhancing sensory and movement awareness. This leads to better overall motor control and performance.

Who should use Theratogs?

Theratogs are intended for children with a variety of motor disorders and postural challenges. As every child is unique, it is recommened to consult a properly trained professional to determine if Theratogs are appropriate for specific conditions.

Are Theratogs comfortable to wear?

Yes, they are made from a soft, foam-like material that is comfortable to wear and can be worn under regular clothing throughout the day.

Can Theratogs be worn all day?

Yes. Theratogs are designed to be worn under regular clothing throughout the day, though it highly depends on individual tolerance and the healthcare provider’s recommendations.

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