They say the fun is in the journey, but let’s face it: Traveling with kids can be challenging.

If you’re like us and will do anything to make getting to the destination easier, we’ve got you covered.

Here are a few of our favorite tips, tricks, and tools to make from-home-to-hotel a little less tense, and a little more fun in the sun ?—

1. A breathable travel stroller for hot weather: Mios Stroller from Cybex

image 558

Hot summer days can make usually mobile kids wear out quick. Whether strolling down the boardwalk or sightseeing a historic site, your kiddo will get ancy quick in an uncomfortable umbrella stroller and get sweaty in one with more cushioning. That is until you discover the innovative and amazing new comfort of Cybex’s magical new Mios stroller. The Mios is more stable than a typical lightweight stroller, narrow enough to maneuver through crowds, has a reversible seat and huge sun canopy, and is foldable with one hand. But here’s the real summer kicker – the back cushion of the seat easily pulls out revealing a breathable mesh back. It’s seriously like nothing we’ve seen, and the added air flow is sure to give some extra smiles.

Pro tip: The Mios can also work as your full 3-in-1 stroller system by popping in the bassinet or infant car seat. That kind of flexibility will take you well past summer. Mios stroller


2. A booster seat that fits in your carry-on: mifold

image 559

Once your kiddo hits that magical 4 and 40 pounds mark and can be in a booster, it seems travel will be easier. But then you realize even those boosters are clunky to carry. Bring in the mifold, the first truly innovative concept in boosters in years. Instead of lifting a child up to be in the right position, this design safely lowers the seat belt to meet your child. Small enough to fit in your purse (10” x 5”) and weighing under two pounds, even your child can carry it in their backpack.

Pro tip: Store one in your trunk for those times you’re doing a friend a favor and carpooling an extra kid.


3. A safer way to keep them sitting on the plane: CARES Airplane Safety Harness

image 4331

Too small for an airplane seat and too big for a clunky full carseat, you still want your in-betweener kids to be safe when flying. The CARES Airplane Safety Harness makes it super easy to keep your kid safe in the air with a compact (under one pound), quick install belt-and-buckle. It works on any size airplane seat, and is the only harness-style device certified by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Pro tip: If you’re not hopping multiple flights a year, get one and share it with your friends.


4. A suitcase for independent kids: Lassig Trolley

image 4332

When “me do it” becomes a regular phrase in your house, it’s a good time to take advantage and start handing over some responsibility to your toddler. A good start? Letting them literally push themselves further with the adorable Lassig Trolley in their new ‘About Friends’ pattern. This pint-sized suitcase is just right for little kiddos in size and weight. Complete with straps to hold items in place, shoe bag to keep the dirt away, and outer pockets for their most prized lovies, pacifiers, or iPad, they’ll feel oh-so-big strolling through security with their own bag in tow.

Pro tip: Start giving kids a little responsibility by having them lay out each days outfit on the floor with every component—shirt, pants, undies, socks. They’ll love being part of the packing. (And then go back after they sleep and shove in all the things they forgot.)


5. For better naps on the road: Bubblebum’s Sneck

image 560

How many times have you turned around in the front seat to see a child slumped over in what looks egregiously uncomfortable to their neck? BubbleBum’s Sneck is a cozy travel pillow that straps easily to the headrest giving head and neck support. Filled with comfy micro beads, kids will rest more comfortably, which may just translate to longer – something that’s good for everyone.

Pro tip: Built to fit seats from cars to trains to planes, you might find yourself grabbing it for your next work trip, too.


6. Because accidents happen (even on vacation): Oh Baby Bags

image 561

Accidents happen. A lot. And they inevitably happen with the most inconvenient location and timing. That’s where Oh Baby Bags are life savers. This handle little roll of disposable plastic bags clips to a stroller or bag, and even looks pretty cute in the process. They’re perfect for dirty diapers, spit-up-on onesies, snack trash, or anything else you or your kids can think to mess up.

Pro tip: Throw an extra in your glove box. No way you won’t find a need for them one day soon.


7. Earphones made for tiny ears: Kidz Gear

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Ah the iPad. There’s nothing sweeter than settling into your seat in the train, plane, or automobile and hear the silence of your child hooked on a favorite show. That is until the earphones fall off or the wires get tangled in their feet. Here comes Kidz Gear to the rescue. Coming in both wired and wireless versions, these headphones made just for kids so they fit. Plus, they have volume control, so there’s no way to accidentally turn up the volume to unsafe levels.

Pro tip: Check out all those streaming services like Amazon and Netflix. Most are now offering up shows and movies that you can download for free. No more fear of onboard wifi breaking out or paying a boatload for shows you normally get for free.


8. Hand sanitizer, because obviously: Babyganics Alcohol Free Sanitizer

image 563

Do we even need to explain why this one is such a must have? Let’s just say we’ve tried a bunch and we like Babyganics Alcohol Free Sanitizer a lot. It doesn’t have that icky smell that will drive you and your kids nuts, not to mention taint the taste of their next snack. It also is foaming, so it won’t just run straight through little fingers and pool on their lap.

Pro tip: If you’re a little bit extra germaphobe, grab a couple napkins and use the sanitizer to wipe down airplane seats and trays.


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