Staying at one these astonishing, unique vacation rentals isn’t your normal trip with the crew. This is a real vacation, the ultimate family (or independent) experience. These jaw-dropping, eye-popping places to stay are not your average, run-of-the-mill hotels. No, these architectural marvels will have you rethinking what a vacation is all about. Because, it is all about staying in and relaxing, right?

Whether you’re planning a stay-cation in your local city or state or, maybe, you’re giving the old globe a spin and choosing a destination with your eyes closed (spontaneous, don’t know her) there are plenty of out-of-this-world places to lay your head down for the night.

What’s a family or solo vacay without an unbelievably cool place to stay? The homes included in this category might just be the thing you need to really relax on your vacation. You know, so you can actually enjoy where you are instead of rushing to get ready and out every morning. Check out all of the envy-worthy stays and add them to your bucket list vacation ideas. Once-in-a-lifetime memories await!

10 astounding Airbnb rentals you’ll want to book ASAP

1. Invisible House Joshua Tree – Skyscraper with Pool

invisbille house airbnb

This 22-story horizontal skyscraper gives a spectacular mirrored view of the beautiful surroundings in Joshua Tree. Sitting on 90 acres this property has its own 400ft mountain and shares half a mile border with the National Park.

Price per night: $2,988

2. Alianz Loft

alianz loft airbnb

This architectural marvel is home to some very cute bunnies. In addition to a basketball court, decked terrace, jacuzzi, fire pit and luxury beds, there’s also a rabbit garden!

Price per night: $360

3. Conestoga Wagon on Dude Ranch

wagon airbnb

If you’re looking to spend a night under the stars, it doesn’t get much better than this authentic covered wagon. Located just under an hour from Las Vegas, you can enjoy adult activities in the city and time spent on the ranch doing kid-friendly activities like horse rides and rodeos.

Price per night: $127

4. Western Saloon

saloon airbnb

Western fans unite! This spacious saloon is a one-room extravaganza. Featuring a queen bed, pull-out couch, fireplace and a pool table, this classic style rental sits on a 10-acre property in the Teton Valley.

Price per night: $300

5. The Coyote Den: Posh Desert Glamping Pod

coyote den

If you’re looking to get back to basics while not skimping on comfort then these luxurious glamping pods are for you. You can book a single one for a solo trip or book all three spots for a group getaway. Take part in farm-style activities on site like collecting farm fresh eggs or explore the gorgeous mountain trails.

Price per night: $70

6. Sedona Domes

sedona domes

The beauty of Sedona surrounds you in this futuristic architectural marvel of a home. Made up of ten total domes, the two biggest and most spacious ones are rented out to guests. Gaze up at starry skies through the many skylights, enjoy private time out by the fire pit, sunrise or sunset yoga around the stone circles or play a tune on the grand piano.

Price per night: $399

7. Casa Acantilado

casa acantilado

Not only is this uniquely designed villa nestled in the beautiful mountainside of Salobre├▒a, Spain but it also gives guests a spectacular view of the sea right in front of it. Hang out in the heated pool on the terrace or enjoy sunset views on the water. Totally bucket list worthy!

Price per night: $1,204

8. The Hideaway (Hobbit House)


This Scandinavian oasis boasts multiple built-in reading nooks, secret passageways and a shower entrance through a tree trunk with almost 13 foot high ceilings. Plus, it sleeps 12 guests so whether you’re on a charming multiple couples getaway or bringing extended family along, there’s plenty of space for everyone.

Price per night: $320

9. The original Spice Bus

spice bus

Spend a night in the original Spice Girls bus from the 1997 movie, “Spice World.” Overlooking the Island Harbor Marina, the bus itself has sleeping quarters on the second level, a seating area downstairs and Spice Girls paraphernalia scattered throughout to give it a special touch.

Price per night: $254

10. Tiki Suites 

tiki suites

You’ll have to book a ride on a water shuttle to reach this water oasis. Not only do you get to spend the night surrounded by the serenity of Key West but the property also comes equipped with gear like snorkeling equipment and paddle boards.

Price per night: $749