With Prince George and Princess Charlotte for siblings we knew the newest little prince was going to be adorable (how could he not be, with Kate Middleton for a mother?) but he may even be sweeter than we'd imagined.

History was made when the little (as yet unnamed, at least officially) prince exited the Lindo wing with his parents Monday, and while we wait to hear what he'll be called (it took two days for the palace to announce Prince George and Princess Charlotte's given names) we'll continue to marvel at that adorable little newborn. The world only saw him for a few moments, but thanks to the massive pool of photographers waiting for his arrival, there's no shortage of baby pics.


He made his official debut in his mother's arms, looking adorably royal in a white cap and white blanket. His parents waved to the crowd, but mama couldn't keep her eyes off him for long (we can't blame her) and the cameras captured this touching moment.


Dad seemed pretty smitten, too. And we totally understand why the Duchess is smiling hereβ€”nothing makes you love your husband more than seeing him fall in love with your baby.


Just hours old, the tiny prince's sweet, sleepy newborn face was revealed to the world.


Then he was tucked safely into his car seat.


And headed home, totally unaware of the splash his birth and these photos made.


Yes, this little guy is every bit as adorable as the siblings he was heading home toβ€”one of who definitely stole the show with a quick wave to the cameras.

It's a cuteness overload for the history books! Congrats to the royal family!

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