Lauren Gaines

Lauren Gaines has a background in school psychology and she currently is stay-at-home mom chasing two adorable toddlers. She loves to encourage other moms who are in the trenches. Follow her on Heart of Deborah, Facebook and Instagram.

Real Feeding Stories from Real Mamas

Why I got strict about a 7pm bedtime for my kids

Quite simply, it has made me a happier and more patient mom.


Dad, I’ll always be your little girl

Even though I'm a mom now and have children of my own.


Being a SAHM during the summer can be so hard—so I came up with a plan

Plan, prepare—but also be flexible. I think that's my new summer mantra.

Grandparents & Extended Families

Dear Grandma and Grandpa: Do you know my kids are obsessed with you?

Your love does not go unnoticed. The kids can feel it. And I can see it. Life just wouldn't be the same without you!


My kids are 25 months apart—and I planned it that way

Having kids close in age isn’t easy, but I love it.


I didn’t think I could be a boy mom. Until I had you.

I now know I can change the next generation: I can raise a son who is respectful, diligent and understanding.


How to help little kids deal with big feelings

Giving little kids the tools to express how they are feeling is key to avoiding meltdowns.


Think like a toddler: He may be confused, not defiant

What if they aren’t following through because of a misunderstanding instead of an attitude of defiance?


Mamas, we need to stop postponing our happiness

What would happen if we lived each day as if we were enough?