If you’ve ever been at the mercy of a breast pump, then you’re likely very keenly aware of The Spilled Milk Struggle. The transfer of your freshly pumped milk from the bottle to bag is almost as nerve-wracking as walking a tightrope in between skyscrapers. Even the most steady, trustworthy hands will spill a bottle (or 12) of breastmilk at some point.

But thanks to a viral pumping hack making the rounds on TikTok, spilled milk may be a thing of the past.

Ashley Newton, @unlicensedtomom on TikTok, shared a genius breast-pumping trick that is so simple yet so amazing. You’ll watch it over and over again as you ask yourself, “Why didn’t I think of this?!”

You pump right into the bag. JUST RIGHT ON INTO THE BAG. And if you’re asking yourself, “How? My pump couldn’t do that!” just watch and learn, mamas.


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See? Simple. Brilliant. It’s no wonder this video has more than 1.6 million views and thousands of comments from fellow pumpers, uniting as one against spilled milk.

This magic trick right here is especially great for those middle-of-the-night pumping sessions, too. Because when it’s dark out and you’re bone-tired, you’re more likely to spill. Well, no longer!

“You did not just do this to me…locking this in the brain vault for the next one,” wrote one user.

“I am SO trying this!!” said another.

And, for parents like me who stopped pumping just last fall, we wish we knew about it sooner. Another user said, “GIRL! Where was this advice 2 years ago when I NEEDED IT?!?”

Hopefully, this sage advice in the form of a 60-second video helps all those tired, pumping parents out there.

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