Celebrity News

Actress Carey Mulligan wore cabbage leaves on the red carpet because #breastfeeding

Maybe cabbage leaves on the red carpet will be en vogue soon?

Celebrity News

Serena Williams donated extra breast milk to those in need

“Someone out there is getting some super soldier milk,” she joked.

Viral & Trending

Breastfeeding mom gets pushback for nursing her child on a Disney ride

It was a calm boat ride, the mom says.

Women's Health

Lactation consultants should be covered by your insurance—this initiative is making sure it happens

The Lactation Network is working to fill the gap of breastfeeding parents who need more support.


The hands-free Willow Pump just got a new BFF

It's called the Perfect Pumping Bra for a reason.


To the mamas that breastfeed

Whether you breastfed for two hours or two years, this is no…

Sleep Safety

Does bed-sharing increase the risk of SIDS? If you breastfeed, new study says no

A new report from the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine states that the information we currently have on safe sleep may be more nuanced than we realize.


The Elyse Breastfeeding pillow: Meet the product mamas are calling “my favorite nursing pillow EVER”

Move over floppy breastfeeding pillows, there’s a new nursing pillow in town.…


Eva Longoria’s post about juggling work + breastfeeding is on point

Did you feel supported at work when it came to breastfeeding or pumping, mama?