There are many reasons you may find yourself wanting to give your baby a bottle.

But like everything in motherhood, feeding your baby can feel a little overwhelming before you dive in. Sometimes it can be hard to sort through all the noise and just figure out exactly how to feed your baby… but don’t worry, mama. You’ve got this .

Class 1: Bottle-feeding basics

In this class we’ll help you determine how to choose the best bottles for your baby—and how many of those bottles you’ll need. We’ll also cover how to clean and store the bottles, and review some of other other gear you may choose to buy.

Class 2: Getting started with bottle-feeding + pumping

So you’re ready to give that first bottle… but how on earth do you actually do this? In this class we’ll discuss getting set up for success when bottle-feeding, and give you an overview of pumping (storing milk, thawing it and more)!

Class 3: Schedules, timing + knowing how much to feed your baby

Figuring out the schedule and feeding plan that works best for your baby can be tricky. Mama, there are so many right ways to do it. In this class, we’ll help you discover what’s right for you and your baby.

Class 4: Keeping comfortable while bottle-feeding

From keeping you comfortable through using the best bottle-feeding positions, to keeping you baby comfortable by effective burping, in this final class we’ll cover the ways to make bottle-feeding as enjoyable as possible.

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